The 10 Greatest Mascot Fights Of All Time

Showcasing videos of 10 greatest mascot fights of all time.

10 Jawz The Jaguar vs. Eli The Eagle
Apparently the Eagle stole the Jaguar's Jaguar convertible and took his sister on a date in it. That stuff doesn't fly in Jaguar world.

#9 A Mascot Royal Rumble
The eagle appears to have the advantage on the chicken until the frog and Trojan warrior enter the ring! And then a dog comes in from out of nowhere! t's absolute mascot pandemonium!

#8 The Big Bad Wolf Gets Attacked By The Three Little Pigs
Thanks to mascot gossip sites, the pigs finally found out he's been sleeping with their mom all these years.

#7 The Adidas Mascot Fight
He was being a little too rough on the beaver, don't you think? That's what she said!*
*Please note that this was a poorly executed self-made "that's what she said" joke. I apologize for the inconvenience.

#6 Barney Gets Smacked Around By The San Diego Chicken
You have no idea how many kids have wanted to do this to Barney for years.

#5 Robot vs. Red Creature vs. Purple Eagle 
I guess the robot won? I mean really, who the hell is in charge of mascot design these days.

#4 The Wisconsin Mascot Gets Body Slammed By Michigan State Cheerleaders
Most mascots never recover from the shame of being beaten up by a male cheerleader. Their fur starts to fall off and they start popping Cialis like they're Skittles.

#3 The Cal Bear vs. The Stanford Tree
I got in a drunken fight with a tree one time. I was winning until he started throwing acorns at me. Let me tell you, getting branch slapped is no picnic.

#2 A Chicken Cheapshots A Dog 
This is why you never, and I mean never kick a chicken in the butt.

#1 The Oregon Duck Serves Up A Houston Cougar Facial
And that my friends is the world's first case of duck on cougar teabaggging.


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