Cool Bizarre Food Art Pics

This is a collection of cool art creations created by food. Do you remember getting told off (or still are!) for playing with your food at dinner time? Well...these cool pictures of creative food art bring a whole new meaning to playing with your food!

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  1. Absolutely awesome... and delicious!

  2. wooooooooooow
    that is so cool!!!!!!!!

  3. Dang, my mom told me not to play with my food. Look what I've been missing out on.

  4. Ha ha lol i gues WE ALL have been missing out on a lot! next time my mom asks me not to play with my food, I'l reply "but mom, I thought you said I was creative?"

    These were sweet! i enjoyed the watermelon displays!
    and the baby carriage 'out of' egg shell and yolk! such an awesome idea!

    wow these are very inspirational
    and give me a few ideas..
    Kief thanks guys!

  5. wow i have ever see food that looks this awesome!!!

    some of these r totally my new screen
    saver!!! lol love em! :)


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