17M High Giant Space Invaders Machine

We love cool retro games from the 70's and 80's so when we saw this giant Space Invaders machine on the streets of London, we were very excited! The coolness really begins at nightfall when the public can play the game. By pressing giant buttons, LED lights are activated - bringing the invaders, and your laser cannon's firepower, to life. Check out the video and pictures below.

Filthy Luker (real name Luke Egan) has made his mark on Manchester’s Town Hall with a 17m high video game. Using road barriers, traffic cones and other street furniture, Luker has created the city’s largest ever interactive artwork as part of the ‘Make With A Red Stripe’ art project.

Here's some cool pictures of the giant Space Invaders machine:

Filthy Luker is best known for his cool inflatable artworks, including a giant octopus and over-sized banana skin and for putting enormous googly eyes in trees.
The artwork, which will be up for four weeks, has been organised by beer brand Red Stripe as part of a UK-wide Make Art On The Street initiative.


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