10 Best Photography Templates for Blogger, Wordpress and Weebly

A successful photography website should do two things: display images in an attractive, easily navigable fashion and complement these images with compelling content. While quality content can be hard to secure if you’re not a novelist, it’s no longer necessary to be a master coder to create a cool, streamlined website that will best display your images. Enter popular web hosting sites like Wordpress, Weebly and Blogger. All three have an extensive library of templates, many geared specifically towards photography. Weeding through all the options can be tricky, so here’s a succinct list of some favourite templates.


Thanks to Wordpress’ popularity, its themes directory features some 1,700 themes and nearly 67 million downloads. Photocrati is not a singular theme so much as Wordpress’s leading creator of photography-themed website designs.

Over 12,000 photographers use their 60-something templates, which are easy to customise and all aesthetically appealing. Among the various techniques used to display photographs on websites, a tiled, grid-based approach can have an impressive visual effect.

Themes like Origin Responsive and Litho have beautiful grid designs with plenty of customisation options. These templates also make creating themed galleries simple and easily navigable for users.


Weebly is something of an underdog among the web hosting game’s players and its selection of themes is much more limited than those of Wordpress and Blogspot. That said, premium templates are high quality and can serve as perfect themes for photography sites. They do cost, but their appearance and easy navigability make them worth the price tag. Webfire’s Graphite and Style are streamlined and classy and Divtag’s Framework Theme is a simple but seductive play on a main image.


Like Wordpress and Weebly, Blogger’s best photography templates tend towards simplicity. The result includes several effective portfolio presentations. Circles is a curvy take on typically square presentation with a subtle colour theme. London Creative is landscape oriented and allows readers to seamlessly scroll through a slideshow. For something with a touch of wacky, X-6 Yellow includes diagonals, curves, bright colours and a visual wow factor.

A fully customised design

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, however, downloading a template used by thousands of others isn’t the way to go. With many web designers and providers around, you can create a web design for your photography site that is entirely your own. Hiring a web designer may seem like a big step to take, but will be worth it if individuality is something that is important to you when creating a website. If this is the route you choose, comb through some templates to find designs and templates that appeal to you. Having visual references is useful when communicating with web designers and it means that you will have a good-looking website that pleases you and your visitors.


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