Cool Home Ideas: Contemporary Artwork for Your Home

Are you looking to give your room a contemporary twist? The perfect way to change the look of your room without spending a lot of money and completely redecorating is to add some unique artwork to your room. Artwork adds a sense of style and individuality to your home.

Canvas printing allows you to print any design onto a stretched canvas which can be displayed. Bold colours and graphic prints look great, especially on canvases. Canvases enhance the look of any print or photo and create a real vocal point for your room. Canvas printing is an affordable way of creating a unique piece of customised artwork.

You can print a favourite photograph or landscape image onto canvas. There are lots of different design options you can apply to your image – from the size of canvas to colour effects and finishes. You are the designer. For a vintage effect why not apply a sepia or black and white colour effect to your photograph. Or you can just let the original colours shine through.

Canvas prints look great grouped together – why not create a few different prints and hang them together. You can easily make a canvas wall to display a range of images and make a real statement feature of your room.

Split panel canvases are another way of transforming a photograph or print into an individual piece of art. They allow you to split your chosen image across a number of canvases – three panels are the most popular but any number can work equally well depending on the size of your image and style that you are going for.

Why not design your own print or image for a completely individual piece of artwork. Graffiti images can look really cool in a contemporary setting and would look great against an exposed brick effect wall or tough industrial style concrete wall in a flat.

Online printing canvas websites let you upload your chosen image and see how your canvas will look. You can create a stunning canvas artwork exactly how you want it to look. Different sizes, colours, finishes and edges make it possible to create your own piece of artwork that is personal to you; no-one else will have the same thing displayed in their home. Choose the size and shape of canvas you want, any colour effects that you want to apply, the wrap design and the depth of your canvas.


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