5 Coolest Playing Card Decks

In a game of cards, whilst it’s all about the hand you’re dealt, it’s pretty cool if you’re dealt some nice looking cards. Making your terrible hand look a little more endurable are these five cool decks of playing cards.

Pixar Playing Cards

Having two young boys who adore films by Pixar including their favourite, Toy Story, make these cards a little bit special in my eyes. Created by Pixar fan Chris Anderson, this deck certainly looks Box Office. Consisting of two decks of cards and four postcards, the pack features colourful tributes to the likes of Woody, Nemo and Mr Incredible. The graphic designer used a three-colour palette and tries to match the personalities of the characters with the role they play in the deck. Unfortunately, this deck is just a piece of art and not on sale, meaning that Monsters Inc.’s Sully won’t be making you scream with delight anytime soon.
pixar-playing-cards-chris-anderson-06 pixar-playing-cards-chris-anderson-04 pixar-playing-cards-chris-anderson-03 pixar-playing-cards-chris-anderson-02 pixar-playing-cards-chris-anderson-01

The Ultimate Deck of Playing Cards

A collaboration between Dan and Dave and award-winning design agency Stranger & Stranger, The Ultimate Deck is a one-of-a-kind luxury. It features 54 unique images that represent a unique story and incorporate classic art as well as work from modern day’s leading illustrators. Each deck is hand sealed with a vintage tax stamp and retails between $24.95 (£15.50) for the Ultimate Deck and Ultimate Uncut, which includes a matching deck of cards, priced at $64.95 (£40.40).
ultimate-deck-6_1 ultimate-deck-4_1 ultimate-deck-3_1 ultimate-deck-2_1 ultimate-deck-1_1 ultimate-deck-5_2

The Invisible Waterproof Card

Whilst not completely invisible, of course you need to see your hand, these playing cards will stop the cheaters and reduce damage. Made from clear plastic sheets and entirely waterproof, these cards are as suitable for a pool game as they are for at the table, or around a clumsy drinker.
You can buy this deck of cards online from the likes of Amazon for around $14 (£8.50) and are perfect if you don’t quite trust your friends at the table!

Crooked Playing Cards

Adding a modern twist to the traditional playing card, this crooked deck isn’t for the crooked player and comes readily available in both blue and red. The ergonomic shape is great for parties, or as a gag, and means that there’s certainly going to be no card swapping. Unless somebody else has come across these cool cards of course! You can pick these cards up very cheaply from Amazon for around the $2.50 (£1.55)

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

This deck certainly isn’t suitable for a game with a card thrower. With the values etched into stainless steel, these cards are certainly ideal for a classier game of poker. But if you use these to hold your first tournament, at $313.95 (£195.00) it’s probably worth learning some basic poker tournament strategy to recoup some of that cash!
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