Ping Pong Table Designs

Showcasing the best ping pong table designs from around the world. We love this first ping pong table design with its chunky legs and aztec type design. Would look great in our office!

How about a glass ping pong table…cool eh!


Laurent Perbos has designed a series of unique ping pong tables that make the game of table tennis even more exciting. These tables are cool in design and we love the tubular one…looks like a lot of fun! The rest of them not so practical!









Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table
The ultimate coolest ping pong table ever made? Perhaps. The Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table ($3,900) is at once the sexiest and most expensive table tennis setups built with ash wood legs and a unique ceramic chalk top surface that lets you keep score, draw shot pattern reminders, or just goof around with nothing but a piece of chalk.

Designed by Aruliden for Puma, the table also offers an open shelf integrated into the table top that acts as storage space for paddles, balls, and other necessary tools, while the silver chain link fence-style finishes off the package. Pretty cool eh!

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