3 Luxury Casino Hotels Where The Rich Get Richer

While it might be enough for some people to get their gaming kicks online at casino sites, others tend to identify more with the high-rolling lifestyle that goes hand in hand with the world’s most glamorous gambling destinations. Here are just a few of those locations which throughout the years – and even only recently in the case of the up-and-coming casinos – have provided stunning sights and first-class facilities to inspire anyone keen to get into the gambling world.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

From iconic stuntman Evel Knievel’s attempt to clear the famous fountain on his motorbike, to the casino’s many portrayals in TV and film, anyone who thinks about the sights and sounds of Las Vegas probably imagines the Caesars Palace venue – such is its famed reputation and level of media exposure. With recent appearances in Ocean’s Eleven and parts one and three of The Hangover, the gladiatorial surroundings of Caesars Palace make for an exciting and memorable stay for anyone – whether checking out the hundreds of gaming tables hosting poker, blackjack and roulette among others, or visiting the Colosseum for a show by one of the world’s leading entertainers; Celine Dion performs regularly here and there’s nary a ticket to be had!



The Venetian, Macau

Boasting over 10.5 million square feet in floor space, this sister development to the Venetian in Las Vegas currently stands as the sixth-largest building in the world. Since opening its doors to international investment from casinos in 2002, the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau has become the premier destination for anyone who wants to fly east to get their share of the casino action; with a number of Vegas spin-offs in operation almost half of Macau’s economy is formed by tourism as a result.

The Venetian is by far the most impressive of these operations; as the single largest casino in the world, gamers can pull up a seat at one of over 800 game tables or over 2400 slot machines. No matter whether you fancy a hand of cards or to try your luck at a slot game, you’re sure to be well-accommodated here.


Monte Carlo Casino

For a touch of continental class – and more than a bit of exciting spy intrigue – tourists flock to the Monte Carlo Casino. The casino has served as a regular stop on the European Poker Tour, giving finalists the inspirational views and facilities to give a boost to their game, while it’s also been the scene of two different James Bond gambling scenes; it’s where Pierce Brosnan’s Bond first encounters the beautiful but deadly Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye.

As one of the most striking sights in the whole of Monaco, visitors are sure to remember their trip to the Monte Carlo Casino as one of the more luxurious highlights of their trip.
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