Some of the best examples of sand art

Showcasing some really cool sand art pictures and videos from around the world including works of art from Jam Denevan and Peter Donnelly.

Sand Art by Jim Denevan
Jim Denevan is a Northern California artist who makes large scale designs utilizing sand, earth and ice. Using only a stick or rake Denevan creates massive geometric shapes similar to crop circles. From the look of these pictures many of these designs were done at my favorite morning surf spot in San Francisco. Unfortunately he must wake up later than I did because I never got to see one of these first hand.

Desert drawing by Jim Denevan. Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. Photo: Peter Hinson/Jim Denevan

Peter Donnelly Sand Art Video
Sand Dancer featuring sand artist Peter Donnelly by Valerie Reid Force Five Films

Sand Art by Peter Donnelly

Sand Art by Andres Amador 

Andres Amador has been producing sand art on Ocean Beach in San Francisco for five years and has completed more than 100 pieces. Here are just a few of his cool creations.


Sand Art Video 

This is cool. Video of an artist using sand to create cool pictures.

Cool Sand Sculptures
A collection of some of the coolest sand sculptures from around the world.

Home Simpson Sand Sculpture

Amazing Sand Animation Video

Sand Animation by Ksenia Simonowa from Ukraine. Really really cool!

Sand under the microscope

Sand is an art form in itself. When you take a moonlit stroll on the beach, how often do you think about the tiny grains of sand creeping in between your toes? From above, sand seems like a bunch of tiny brown rocks, perhaps peppered with occasional shells or cigarette butts. But sand has a far more fascinating story to tell.

Composed of the remnants of volcanic explosions, eroded mountains, dead organisms, and even degraded man-made structures, sand can reveal the history—both biological and geologic—of a local environment. And examined closely enough, as the scientist and artist Gary Greenberg has, sand can reveal spectacular colors, shapes, and textures.

These images of sand from around the world were taken by Greenberg using an Edge 3D Microscope and can be found in his book, A Grain of Sand, which was published earlier this year by Voyageur Press.

Bright green olivine is a significant mineral in Hawaii’s slow-flowing basaltic lava and is rich in iron. Its density allows it to separate from other sand grains in the rolling and depositing action of waves, which results in the accumulation that tints this beach a yellowish green.(Magnification 110x)

The pitted and frosted surface of these grains is typical of desert sand, where grains constantly collide with one another.(Magnification 85x)

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