10 Cool Gadgets You Need for Your Boat

If you’re the kind of person who gets a real kick out of gadgets, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice these days. Especially if you already have a boat to play with, which opens the door to thousands of weird and wonderful toys to add even more enjoyment to the life aquatic! So if you’ve been planning on treating yourself to something new for your boat, here’s a brief look at ten of the coolest boating gadgets you need in your life right now:


Kayak in a Backpack

As the name suggests, the Kayak in a Backpack is essentially a spare boat to keep alongside your main boat. It’s a surprisingly robust and capable piece of kit, which is also easy to carry around and could very well come in handy when you least expect it.


Doggy Ladder

Your dogs can now easily take a dip in the water and get back on the boat easily with this dog friendly doggy ladder. No more struggles lifting them out of the water. The doggy ladder is easy to attach and remove, a must have for all dog loving boat owners.


Dockmate Wireless Remote-Control Docking System

This excellent piece of kit has been designed to simplify the single most daunting boating manoeuvre. The Dockmate is a wireless docking system compatible with absolutely any shape and size of boat, making it quick and easy to dock in even the tightest spaces and most challenging conditions.


Water Leak Detectors

Rather than constantly keeping a lookout for leaks around your boat, why not install a bunch of water leak detectors to do the job for you? If water creeps into areas where it isn’t supposed to be, they’ll let you know by emitting a loud sound.


Scrubba Washbag

This fabulous piece of engineering called scrubba washbag is essentially the smallest washing machine you’ll ever come across. Designed to combine the convenience of hand washing with the power of a traditional washing machine, it’s perfect for keeping your clothes clean and fresh while out and about.

Automatic Life Jackets

Hopefully you’ll never need to use them, but if you do, the latest automatic life jackets instantly inflate the moment they come into contact with water.


A Good GoPro

It’s up to you which model you go for, but there’s really no excuse for heading out on your boat these days without a decent GoPro. Waterproof and shockproof, they’re perfect for capturing the moments nobody will believe happened unless you actually show them!


Rechargeable Cocktail Maker

Particularly with the summer months, a cordless margarita maker could be just the ticket for the most idyllic days floating under blue skies. All without drying up one of your precious power outlets for the duration.


Cockpit Wine Holder

If libations are your thing, this ingenious little device converts any stern rail whatsoever into an elegant wine bottle and glass holder. Perfect if you’re already dealing with limited space.


Spot Gen3 Tracker

Last but not least, it simply makes sense to kit your boat out with a reliable tracker – both for safety and convenience purposes alike. You’ll not only save yourself the inconvenience of getting lost, but you can also keep your friends and family informed of your whereabouts for their own peace of mind.

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