10 Ways to Make your Car Cool and Improved

Having a cool car is not just about the exterior novelties. Performance and better handling are important, as well. Here are 10 ways to make your car the envy of all your friends.

1. Get a good set of tyres and rims

The right sized tyres that are properly inflated and balanced will make your ride smoother, keep you safer with better grip, and allows you to cruise faster with more comfort. Use lightweight rims that accentuate the appearance of your tires while keeping unnecessary weight off your wheels.

2. Use synthetic oil regularly

Regular oil changes are a no-brainer to keep an engine at its peak in performance, but the type of oil can also put you ahead of the game. Better horsepower and lower viscosity will be your reward.

3. Give your vehicle a breath of fresh air

By replacing the spark plugs and air filters before they begin to clog, keeps an engine healthy, active and ready to go. Fighting through dirt and grime can make even the best models want to take a break. Replace them long before you are reminded of the harm.


4. Select the perfect shock absorbers

Have you ever ridden in a car that makes you feel like you are floating above the road? Great shock absorbers can be quite expensive, but those scenic trips will become invaluable.


5. Learn what chiptuning can do

Having the characteristics of a vehicle fine tuned and adjusted, according to their individual unit, is more than just getting a regular tuneup. Improved gas mileage, better injection timing, and boosting air mass will put your engine in a class of its own. People like RaceChip® can increase your cars power through chip tuning. Check out their website here.


6. Firm up those driving components

There is nothing worse than a loose, worn out feeling struts and suspensions that are just getting broken in. By replacing factory stock bushings with poly bushings, everything from the transmission to the engine mounts will feel more solid.


7. Strut tower braces will make your car rock

Having control and the perfect balance in how a vehicle handles can erase the strain of taking short or long drives. Strut tower braces are designed to balance the weight, making for an awesome journey.


8. Rip off that factory exhaust

By investing in a cat back kit, the power of your own hotrod becomes a feeling of pride. Just by listening to that engine purr will set your heads in the clouds.


9. Crank up the tunes

Replace your stock model unit with an AUX port that will make your music crystal clear. Drive, relax and get in the mood for each new day. Halfords have always got a great selection and the likelihood is their is a store close to you to go check them out. Amazon usually have great prices for car CD players.


10. Get rid of the dead weight

When was the last time that you really cleared out the trunk and the back seat? Sporting equipment, books, and yes, trash, can weigh down your car and cut into the mileage, braking distance, and overall handling. Find a nice storage unit, or dumpster, and begin unloading that unnecessary weight.

By using all, or just a few of these suggestions will make you feel like the king of the road. Taking great care of your vehicle will soon show you how it will take care of you.

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