4 reasons your business should invest in a smart energy meter

Whether you’ve been looking for an energy supplier for your startup, reviewing your business’ latest power bills or looking into switching electricity plans for your factory, warehouse or office building, you may have come across smart meters.With the UK government aiming for every home in Britain to be offered a smart meter by 2024, these devices are becoming increasingly common. Here are four reasons why your business should invest in one now.


You may be able to get one for free

Energy providers are installing smart meters in one area at a time. If they’re not available in your area yet, contact your current energy supplier or the one you’re thinking of switching to to find out if you’re eligible to get a free smart meter and if you can get one any sooner than planned.

Each provider has its own eligibility criteria so whether or not you can get one will depend on the tariff you’re on or the plan you’d like to switch to. To get some energy deals, you must have a smart meter installed. If you opt for one of these deals, your meter will usually be installed within three months.


They can help save you time

Providing your energy supplier with a meter reading can help to ensure that your bills are as accurate as possible. But some people can find it tricky to know if they’re taking a reading properly. With smart meters, there’s no room for human error. Smart monitors digitally send readings to your energy provider so you can get accurate bills without having to take time out of your day to get to grips with your meter.


They can help save you money

The display on your smart meter can help you to better understand your business’ energy usage. Getting a smart meter fitted is the best first step you can take if you’re looking to get your consumption under control. It’s a good idea to create an energy budget and use your smart meter to check that you stay on track. Keeping a close eye on your usage like this can help you to make positive changes when it comes to energy use and break bad habits that could be damaging your bottom line.


They can help you to reduce your carbon footprint

The insight a smart meter can give you can lead to modified behaviour. Making changes, such as switching from traditional light bulbs to LEDs, turning off your PC when it’s not in use and replacing old computers, printers and other equipment with more energy-efficient models, can have a surprisingly positive impact on your carbon footprint. Installing motion sensor lighting and ensuring your premises are fully draught proofed can also help to improve your environmental credentials. Implementing practices like this not only helps the planet but it can also be leveraged to promote your brand to your customers and stakeholders.






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