5 BMW Facts You May Not Have Known

Few car brands are as iconic as Bayerische Motoren Were, better known as BMW. The legendary German car manufacturer has a long and fascinating history of manufacturing some of the most desirable vehicles of all time. BMW cars are seen as somewhat of a status symbol and it is the dream of many people to own one. Here are a few fun facts that you might not know about the legendary manufacturer.


  1. BMW Built Plane Engines

BMW is regarded as one of the best auto manufacturers in the world, but they originally started out building plane engines. The company originally manufactured aircraft engines, with their first product being a straight-six aircraft engine called the BMW IIIa. They would set aviation records for altitude and speed before switching to the auto industry in 1928.


  1. The History of the Logo is Often Misunderstood

It is a common misconception that the iconic BMW logo represents the spinning propeller of a plane against the blue sky (it is perhaps a happy accident). The logo is actually a tribute to the company’s Bavarian roots, with the white and blue reflecting the pattern of the Bavarian flag. There are a number of other car manufacturers with fascinating logos to discover and learn about.


  1. BMW Have Been Ahead of Their Time

BMW also has a reputation for manufacturing vehicles that are ahead of their time. They have been pioneering throughout history, such as the introduction of the 1602 Electric in 1972 – one of the earliest cars in the electric market (which are now surging in popularity some 60 years later). As a pioneering and desirable brand, it is understandable that motorists would opt for a used BMW 4 Series as a way to save money, as it can be expensive to buy brand new.


  1. The Company is Over 100 Years Old

The company is also over 100 years old, having been founded in 1916. This means that there is a fascinating history to uncover with this brand, including the company pivoting to automobiles after the Treaty of Versailles after WW1 (a treaty stating that German companies could not produce warplanes and engines). Their commitment to excellence spans decades as they still produce WW2-era parts and produced the fastest motorcycle in the world in 1937.


  1. BMW Headquarters is a Marvel

BMW headquarters is also an architectural marvel – fitting of such a pioneering brand. The largest four-cylinder building in the world, BMW HQ has become a Munich landmark that has been a key part of the city for 50 years. The building (and the BMW museum just outside) fascinates people to this day and draws a lot of tourists.




These facts give you a glimpse into the incredible history of BMW over the last 100+ years. With such a long history of innovation, it is easy to see why BMW vehicles are desirable and considered a status symbol.


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