5 Handheld GoPro stabilizers perfect for filming smooth steady video

GoPro Hero 4 Black is an amazing versatile little video camera but jittery footage sometimes make it unbearable to watch. I want smooth steady stabilized video footage, especially with a snowboarding trip coming up. After researching a shed load of different GoPro handheld devices using camera gimbal (stabilizer), I came up with the following five GoPro stabilisers that are either currently available to buy now…or coming later this year.


Feiyu Tech G4s

The guys at GoPro use Feiyu products so that speaks volumes about how good Feiyu video stabilisers are. The Feiyu tech G4s has a thumb joystick on the pole so you can operate the camera easily which the previous G4 version doesn’t have. The G4S also charges the camera when it’s in use and also has a tripod / screw adaptor at the bottom. There’s a very useful quick on and off camera release with a bracket – the older Feiyu G4 has some fiddly thumb screws.

G4S promo video


G4S review video

This review of the Feiyu Tech G4s is the most comprehensive I’ve found so far.


How steady? See footage filmed with G4S

This following video footage of the G4S GoPro stabiliser in action whilst snowboarding in Whistler caught my eye. You can see the result from the G4S produces massively smoother video than using a GoPole.


This mountain biking video also demonstrates just how good the G4S is at stabilizing GoPro video footage:


Where to buy?

I’ve looked at many places that stock the G4S and the cheapest place I’ve found so far is to buy from Amazon


Want to find out more?

Visit their website here.


Zhiyun Z1 Evolution

Very similar to the G4s in design with its joystick to control the 3-axis gimbal, the one thing I noticed is that the Zhiyun Z1 stabilizer allows mounting camera and GoPro bacpac without changing screws. The original Feiyu G4 did allow a LCD GoPro Bacpac to be used but not the G4S. Also many of the customer reviews say that it has great battery life. 

Z1 review video

Here is a comprehensive video review of The Zhiyun Z1 Evolution


How steady? See footage filmed with Z1

Watch smooth steady GoPro video footage filmed with the Zhiyun Z1 Evolution


Again another snowboarding video, this time using The Zhiyun Z1 Evolution


Where to buy a Zhiyun Z1 Evolution

The Zhiyun Z1 Evolution is available to buy from Amazon


Want to find out more?

Visit their website here


Removu S1

Removu S1 is marketed as the world’s most versatile 3-axis gimbal made for GoPro cameras. It’s the World’s first rainproof 3-axis gimbal equipped with a Bluetooth remote – World’s First Wearable Wi-Fi Live Viewer and Remote that works with the GoPro LCD Bacpac. The S1 can be mounted anywhere a GoPro can be mounted. This GoPro stabilizer sounds like a great choice but unfortunately they are not quite ready yet – estimated delivery is August 2016.


Removu S1 promo videos


Removu S1 Review Video

No review videos are available yet for the Removu S1


How steady? See footage filmed with Removu S1


Where to buy a Removu S1?

At the moment  the Removu S1 is only available via indiegogo.com and estimated delivery is August 2016


Want to find out more?

You can find out more on Removu website


Slick Stabilizer

Estimated delivery July 2016, the Slick is a motorised 3 axis stabilizer that is weatherproof, rain and snow friendly – perfect for the snowboarding trip but it wont be ready in time for me. The trip is early April.


Slick promo video

Slick Review Video

No review videos are available yet for the Slick


How steady? See footage filmed with Slick


Found this snowboarding video using the Slick stabilizer and looks very good…


Where to buy a Slick?

Currently the Slick is only available to order on the Slick Website or via the IndieGoGo website and estimated delivery is July 2016.


Want to find out more?

You can find out more on the Slick website


Aetho Aeon

This is one of the most eagerly anticipated GoPro stabilizers of 2016, it was supposed to launch in March 2016 but the developers say it has been pushed back to early May 2016 delivery. I love the ergonomic design and the simplicity – just point your knuckles in any direction and the GoPro will follow. The Aeon also comes with an LCD screen that hooks up to the GoPro, as well as a joystick to independently move the mount in whatever direction. Pretty cool!


Aetho Aeon promo videos


Aetho Aeon review video

Where to buy an Aetho Aeon?

Currently the Aetho Aeon is only available to order via the Aetho Aeon website or the IndieGoGo website and estimated delivery is early May 2016.


Want to find out more?

Find out more on the Aetho website


Final Word

There are quite a few other GoPro stabilizers available to buy including:

Glide Gear SCOPIO 3 Axis Gopro Stabilizer


Kumba cam

However I believe the five that I’ve detailed above are the best right now for getting the best steady GoPro video footage.

As my snowboarding trip is early April 2016, 3 of the 5 GoPro stabilizers (Aetho Aeon, Slick and Removu S1) unfortunately won’t be ready in time for the trip – so I’ve purchased the Feiyu tech G4s which has brilliant reviews and is used by GoPro themselves…I will put some videos up in April.


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