5 ways to avoid a huge phone bill when travelling abroad

Though we live in a global society, it only takes a short hop across the channel to see what a tangled web mobile providers have woven over the years.

Roaming charges exist in a seemingly lawless landscape. Put a foot wrong, and you’re paying through the nose for connections you never knew you’d made. This can be as much as a whopping £7.80 per GB according to respected website Money Saving Expert. It’s a long-standing joke that you literally have to watch your mouth whilst abroad, be it on holiday or business. Sadly Brexit complications indicate things are probably going to get worse, and if you’re trying to run a smooth operation these factors become the difference between profit and loss.

What is the answer? We’d be lying if we said there was a catch-all to this ongoing problem. What we can do is give you some knowledge acquired through many costly errors when traversing this great planet of ours. Get the balancing act right, and the world becomes your oyster again.


Leave It All Behind

Get around the issue by simply nipping your Data Roaming settings in the bud. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just jump aboard that plane and hit the off switch. Unfortunately, when you’re running a business, it doesn’t work like that. So while you may want to stop reading at this point, chances are you also want a roof over your head! The next step from here is pretty straightforward. You leave your feet on the ground but put your head in the clouds. Or, more precisely, cloud…

Cloud-Based Telephone

You can have your business streamlined into a single, cost-effective communication system. Everyone on the same page, enjoying the same flexibility. Also, your equipment costs are greatly reduced as everything is managed from the one place. A place that is both reassuringly solid and effortlessly light, without any clutter. Sounds obvious, but every great starting point is.


Wild For Wi-Fi

Just as a local taxi can take you from place to place at your foreign destination, so Wi-Fi can prove invaluable if you want to save on vital communications as you hop from A to B. Chat to your partners on Skype or use e-mail when you need to be succinct and cut the chatter.



Beat Incoming Call Charges

One of the most disappointing aspects of roaming charges is you can be billed for receiving calls as well as making them. Before you panic, don’t worry. There are possible solutions. For example, by using a virtual switchboard, you can avoid a huge phone bill by ensuring you’re getting the most important calls from the right people. Maximum organisation before the calls come in means minimum disruption when you take them. You can simply sit back and appreciate the scenery as you conduct your business. The best of both worlds.


Toll-Free Numbers

Another great way of keeping the bank unbroken is to use toll-free international numbers. A side benefit to this is the clients pour in faster when they know they’re not being charged to contact you. The main advantage is you can be anywhere in the world and receive calls without the stress of roaming charges. A range of packages are on offer through Capital Telecom for locations from the slopes of Austria to the shores of New Zealand.

We hope this guide to navigating the financial fissures of roaming abroad has been useful. Why not tie up all these tips into a neat whole by seeking out an all-in-one remedy to your international ills?



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