Apps that make the inconvenient, convenient

Nowadays, the internet is everyone’s go-to for everything, whether it’s catching up on the latest news, or grabbing that coat you’ve been after for months while it’s still in the sale, we’re using the internet more now than ever before and that’s not something that’s likely to change. With handheld convenience comes a lack of patience which means we are increasingly intolerant of things that get in the way of us doing whatever it is we really want to do. So, with these great apps, you’ll save yourself a lot of time which means there’s more time to spend doing things you actually want to do.

UberThis app has revolutionised the way people use taxis. It has made hailing a cab much easier and much cheaper. No one wants to have to stand and wait around for public transport, it’s just inconvenient. However, Uber takes the inconvenience out of public transport, you book your taxi on your phone, you get up-to-date information on your car’s position and estimated arrival time (usually down to the minute) which means you don’t need to take any time out of your day to wait around. In the UK, Uber is your only option for this kind of app, but there are calls for Lyft (an Uber rival in the US) to also be introduced.

pexels-photoBanking AppsThese are fast becoming the most popular way for customers to interact with their bank. Forget the days of actually having to visit the bank to pay a bill or transfer money, now it can all be done through an app which is super convenient and means you can spend more time doing what’s important.

hungryhouseIf you’ve left work late and have to make a choice between making dinner or going to the gym, the hungryhouse app could be your best friend, allowing you the time to do both. There’s no need to ruin the diet either, with plenty of organic and vegetarian dishes available as well as a wide range of salads and soups.

MealimeFood shopping is something you can’t avoid completely but as well as individual supermarket apps that’ll deliver your groceries to the door, this app should also save you time and money. No more trolley rage, queuing or impulse buying, simply input the foods that you want to eat and this app will provide you with thirty minute recipes which feature your chosen foods and grocery lists for the ingredients, so you can plan out your meals for a week but only purchase exactly what you need.

HeadspaceA definite downside of a busy life can be the levels of stress it creates. This app is intended to increase mindfulness, focus and positivity by teaching you to practice meditation in ten minutes a day. It even tracks your progress so that you can see yourself improve.


Office Yoga- Fitness at WorkDon’t have time to get across town to that yoga class? Practise yoga from the comfort of your desk and in doing so, relieve the pains and strains caused by sitting at it and make exercise extra convenient.


Cozi Family OrganiserA must for the digital family. No more notes stuck to the fridge, no more missed swimming lessons. This app collates all your family’s activities and turns them into a colour coded digital calendar. It even sends weekly emails to your family members with a list of the week’s events.

Cozi Family Organiser



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