Best Luxury Car Air Freshener – Looks Cool, Smells Amazing

Introducing luxury car air freshener from Smul who specialise in premium car air fresheners with lasting scents that will impress both you and your passengers. Here at Cool Things Collection HQ we’ve always disliked clip on car air fresheners due to either their poor design or unpleasant smell but this week we discovered the best car air freshener that ticks both boxes – looks cool, smells amazing. Great job Smul – so far we have tried the cologne scent which is sicilian citrus, amber wood, sandalwood and bergamot – smells like a very nice mens aftershave, hence called cologne.


Car Air Freshener Design

Simple elegant appearance that can easily be attached to air inlets and can be switched on & off to increase efficiency.

Car fragrance levels are controlled with a built-in vent switch.

After installing it on the car vent, it looks like it’s part of the dash design, blending in and not looking out of place.


Car Air Freshener Scent

There are currently a choice of 3 scents, all very subtle and lovely smells, not too strong which is important for a car.

Cologne – Sicilian citrus, amber wood, sandalwood and bergamot.

Serene – Violet, lotus, honey, tuberose and amber wood.

Essence – Lost scent, jasmine, sage, lavender and vanilla.

Smul™ have 60 day scent guaranteed and their fragrances are made with a dual purpose, to last longer and eliminate unwanted odours.

The scents are made with essential oils which contain no allergens or artificial chemicals.

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