What are the coolest mountain bike parts money can buy?

If you’re a mountain biker, your bike is your baby, it deserves the best parts money can buy. There’s no reason that you can’t take on the mountain in style! Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish and useful accessories on the market so you can be the best looking and most prepared rider possible.


Electric Gear Change Cables

For just under £2000, you can upgrade your traditional cables straight into the 21st century. Yes, a groupset of electric gear change cables costs about as much as an entire trail bike. Hold off your skepticism until you feel how streamlined your shifting will be. You also lose a considerable amount of weight on the bike, giving you a faster ride – not to mention the ooohs and aaahs you get from being the first biker to show off your digital dash.


Titanium Pedals

Titanium is a durable, great looking metal that is used more in road bikes, but many mountain bikers are beginning to see the light. Titanium improves the adjustability of your pedals over traditional metals. You also get friction-free float, which helps you improve the dynamics of your pedalling to perfection.


Threaded Bottom Bracket

 A traditional bottom bracket may cost you around £30, but you have to constantly check it for wear and tear. A ceramic threaded bottom bracket costs you around 10X the traditional bracket, but you get a piece that will last a lifetime and look great doing it.


Lightweight Carbon Bar & Stem

If you want to fly up the mountain, you need to be as light as possible. Investing in a lightweight carbon bar & stem package not only reduces the weight of your bike, but gives you better balance from stem to stern. More balance in the bike means less work balancing the bike using your micromovements in your body weight. The lighter your bar & stem gets, the heavier the price. However, you get a noticeably easier ride.


Power Brakes

If you are lucky enough to have one of the higher end new bikes on the market, you may already have SRAM or Shimano brakes. If not, then these are two brands that you should take note of. Investing in top brands gives you more control leverage and more efficient integration into a more sophisticated frame. You can max out your calliper, lever and hose a la carte for a huge upgrade in braking power and smoothness.

The more that you invest in your mountain bike parts, the more you invest in your safety and enjoyment. You can deck out even the barest bike frame with the upgrades above and ride head and shoulders above your competition. Make sure that you keep up the standard maintenance on your new parts and you should be good to go, and partner with the right bike shop to help you keep your ear to the street for the newest upgrades!


If you’re looking for more mountain biking inspiration, BikeParts UK is a good bet. They sell a range of parts & accessories, and price match their products if you’re able to find it cheaper elsewhere.


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