Getting A BOTOX? Here Are A Few Ways To Prepare Yourself!

BOTOX injections are one of the most efficient anti-aging treatments currently available but before you get online and start searching for ‘BOTOX near me’ make sure that you are following the steps below in order to prepare yourself for the treatment and clear all your doubts regarding the medications you take before getting the treatment. BOTOX is a treatment all by itself hence it’s natural for it to clash with certain prescription medications. If you are taking some sort of prescription medication due to a medical ailment then make sure that you’re discussing it with your family doctor before you get the BOTOX treatment. Depending on the type of prescription medications you have been taking, your doctor may or may not ask you to stop taking the medications.

For instance, in case you are taking the medications such as

  • Anti-allergy medications
  • Blood thinners
  • Ibuprofen
  • Muscle relaxers or
  • Aspirin then your doctor will tell you to stop taking them at least a month before you book an appointment to get your BOTOX treatment.


Take these steps to limit the chances of bruising

BOTOX is an effective anti-ageing treatment – sure but it does come with the chances of getting bruised in case the person getting the treatment fails to take the following steps:-

  • Smokers need to steer clear from opiates like the ones packed with nicotine.
  • One would also need to take certain proactive measures in order to mitigate their chances of getting bruises on their skin after the completion of the treatment session. One such proactive measure is to apply natural creams like Arnica, on the target areas of the skin a few days before the injections are administered.


Clean your skin before the treatment

Before you get your BOTOX injections, you would need to make sure that your facial skin is free from sebum and dirt. Fail to do this and you might end up with an acne outbreak.

It is true that the dermatologist at the treatment clinic will do all they can to clean your skin before administering the injections but for the best results, it is a good idea to clean your skin before you head inside the clinic for your treatment.

Does this mean you would need to use all sorts of scrubs and skin cleansing products? Absolutely not! All you would need to do is create a solution of water and soap. Dip a few cotton balls and use the same to gently clean your face and mitigate the chances of getting an infection.

BOTOX is not an extensive procedure but it does come with some discomfort factors that can easily be mitigated using simple steps like applying ice packs on the treated areas. Furthermore, to ensure that the treatment returns successful results, you have to stay away from the urge to rub your eyes – in case you have had the treatment around the areas of your eyes. Furthermore, a renowned dermatologist associated with a revered BOTOX treatment clinic also advises his patients to steer clear from exercising for at least five hours after receiving the treatment.


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