Can CBD edibles give you that well needed wellness boost?

Gone are the days when you had to ingest large amounts of cannabis to get the desired health effects. Cannabinoids – active compounds produced naturally in cannabis – hold the key to unlocking the full healing potentials of the humble plant. Thanks to cutting-edge science, we can now isolate specific cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, and more, from the cannabis plant. 

The massive demand for CBD has created a market set to surpass growth projections by £1 billion within the next five years. While the newly relaxed CBD laws play a huge role in the industry’s booming growth, it’s the producers and consumers that drive the market.

This unique relationship has seen CBD product manufacturers respond with a plethora of product choices catering to various consumer interests. Of the different CBD product types such as vapes, CBD oil and CBD capsules, CBD edibles and gummies are quickly becoming a staple among many CBD users. However, before you subscribe to the allure of CBD edibles, you should get a few facts straightened out. Together, we’ll explore the X most crucial questions that help you get the best CBD edibles and gummies for your unique needs.

First, for the uninitiated: what are edibles and why the frenzy?


What are CBD edibles

For many people, the word ‘edible’ is bound to conjure a mental image of pot brownies – with copious amounts of cannabis, of course. Yes, an edible is a food product that you eat. However, CBD edibles are far from your traditional home-baked brownies.

CBD edibles are regular foods that are infused with (yeah, you guessed it!) CBD, for users to consume and enjoy CBD health benefits. CBD gummies are popular in the US with lots of choice in the shops or online retailers.

So what makes CBD edibles unique? 

The most important feature is that CBD is non-intoxicating; unlike its sister cannabinoid THC. This means that CBD will not cause the infamous high experienced by recreational cannabis smokers. The psychoactive effects of cannabis come from THC, so using only CBD helps you avoid being stoned.

CBD edible products come in varied forms, and you can easily buy CBD edibles online with the right information.


Types of CBD edibles

Consumers are spoilt for choice as far as CBD edibles are concerned. The market is full of unique products, so you should know what options are available to you. You can find CBD edibles of all forms, but these are the most popular:

  • CBD Gummies – gummies offer a tasty yet discreet method of enjoying quality CBD anywhere, anytime. 
  • CBD Energy Bars – every bite gives a shot of CBD with healthy proteins for an energy boost.
  • CBD Candy – are the perfect CBD treat for a sweet tooth.
  • CBD Dried Fruit – are a superb option for health-conscious folks craving a sweet treat. It comes in a variety of fruit options that delight the palate with exotic flavours.



Health benefits of CBD edibles

CBD edibles and gummies have more to offer than just satisfying your craving for naughty sweet treats. There are some potential health benefits too, and researchers are working tirelessly to unravel the full scope of CBD’s therapeutic properties.

Already, there are scientific research results that show CBD can work on a myriad of health conditions. However, we find that most people interested in CBD have one burning question:

Do CBD edibles help with anxiety?


CBD edibles and gummies for anxiety

Many consumers have only glowing testimonies about taking CBD edibles and gummies for anxiety. While CBD is no magic cure, taking CBD gummies for anxiety helps to manage the symptoms that cause the condition. 

But it would be best if you didn’t go by anecdotal reports alone. Dr Goron clears the air on the most potent health benefits of CBD that we stand to enjoy. And with time, research is bound to turn up more positive results on CBD’s therapeutic applications.


How much CBD edibles and gummies can I take?

Most CBD edibles and gummies contain specific amounts of CBD, so it’s easy to know how much cannabidiol you’ve ingested. And while you can’t overdose on CBD, you could fall into the trap of taking too much too quickly.

Because edibles must be digested to feel the effects, it can take a while for the CBD to kick in.  The rule of thumb is to start with low doses (around 5mg per serving) and work up from there.

Remember to wait about an hour before trying another piece; else you could find yourself dealing with the few side effects of too much CBD.

What Are the side effects of CBD edibles and gummies?

CBD is considered safe and 100% non-intoxicating; hence you won’t get high. However, taking too much CBD at one go can cause some unpleasant side effects. Although not everybody will experience them, some possible side effects of CBD edibles product are:

  1. Nausea
  2. Headache
  3. Dizziness
  4. Fatigue
  5. Diarrhoea

If you’re feeling any of the above, then you probably ingested a substantial CBD dosage. 

The CBD edibles and gummies dosage mantra is: ‘start low, go slow’. This means you start with low doses and gradually increase your daily CBD intake, till you get the right CBD dosage for your needs. 


Are CBD Edibles Legal in the UK?

The definitive answer is yes. CBD edibles and gummies are entirely legal to buy and use in the UK.  The Home Office sets a 0.2% THC content limit in the hemp extracts used to make CBD products. Any CBD edibles and gummies containing the banned psychoactive cannabinoid (THC), may be prosecuted as an illegal product. 

Always check your CBD gummies to make sure it’s a legal product.


Where Can I Buy the Best CBD Gummies in UK?

Consumers interested in snacky CBD treats can buy CBD gummies in the UK online or from brick and mortar shops.

You should pay careful attention to low-quality CBD products which seem to have found their way into the market en-masse. Always do your research and only shop with top-rated UK CBD shops.

Always remember to ask for 3rd party lab-reports, this ensures your products contain the advertised dosages of cannabinoids including CBD & THC. Ensuring you won’t get high from inaccurate levels of THC. 


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