The coolest customisations you can make to your car

Your car is likely one of your most precious belongings. In addition to being one of the most expensive things you own, a car can reflect your personal style and get you where you need to be. You probably use your car daily, so you’ll want to get the most out of it. Many car suppliers offer customisations to their models. While this can take a car so far to suiting your needs, there’s more you can do. There are so many ways to change your car up and add your own touches. Customisations aren’t just for appearance either. There are adjustments you can make to your car to make it drive better and feel better. If you’re ready to start pimping your ride, here are some cool customisations that can add a lot to your car.


Changing Your Tyres

The tyres of a car are one of the most important aspects. You want tyres to be strong, sturdy and offer the best ride possible. They are also the first things you should think about customising. A good set of tyres can be a revolution for your vehicle. There are many different kinds available which can alter your car’s performance on the road. Different grips are more suited to different terrains. Investing in reliable, high-quality tyres will make your car handle well and make driving feel better. Whether you have a flat tyre or just want to upgrade, it’s easy to get new car tyres fitted. Different vehicles have different tyre sizes so make sure you get the right ones for your vehicle.


Custom Alloys

Alloys (or rims) are one of the most commonly customised aspects of a car. Many people get custom alloys for their sleek looks, but they can have some benefits for performance too. You can get rims in different sizes and materials. Large alloys can make handling a little stronger, and aluminium alloys can make your car a little lighter. Make sure the alloys fit your vehicle, though, going too big would be a waste of money!


Personalised License Plates

They won’t do anything to make your car drive better, but personalised license plates are plain fun. You can make your car stand out in the parking lot and add a personal touch by getting custom plates. Just look at some of the funniest vanity plates.


There are different customs for personalised plates depending on where you are in the world. While in America your plates can say pretty much anything, in the UK you’re required to follow a particular pattern of numbers and letters. There are usually services that let you search for custom plates. Make sure you follow the rules for registering your plates as well.


Lighting Enhancements

You can change many of the lights both on the interior and exterior of your car. You might want brighter bulbs in your headlights to make you more visible. You could also get colourful lights to change the atmosphere inside your car. LED lights are a cool way to make your car look more futuristic. They can even have some psychological benefits! You can do pretty much anything you want with interior lights. However, if you plan to change exterior lights, make sure they adhere to driving laws.


Engine Replacements

Replacing the engine of your car is an effective performance-boosting customisation. You can get engines for more speed, better fuel economy or fewer carbon emissions.It is also better to replace an engine than replace a car. As your car starts to get outdated, a new engine can make it run well for many more years. This can save you all the costs of getting a new vehicle. You can buy and replace your car engine yourself. However, to ensure you get an engine suitable for your vehicle and have the job done right, it might be best to consult with a mechanic.


Performance Exhausts

A new exhaust can do wonders for your car. There are exhausts specifically designed to make your car more powerful and can also improve fuel efficiency. Make sure to get a well-made performance exhaust as some can be noisy. Check out what a new exhaust system can do for your car and consider this customisation to make driving better.


Car Gadgets

Adding some cool car gadgets to your vehicle can make spending time in it more fun. One of your first ports of call should be a good GPS system. As well as helping with navigation, some GPS devices have customisable voices and other fun features. You should always carry a USB car charger so you can charge up your smartphone and other devices. After all, having a well-charged smartphone also lets you make use of driving apps. There are a lot of mobile apps to make driving better. Some can help you find the best routes or nearby gas stations. Others can give you stats on your driving. Either way, these can make your daily rides a little more entertaining.


A Sound System

If you love music, getting a sound system installed in your car can bring you lots of enjoyment. Listening to music makes driving long distances much more bearable. Using streaming services on your phone can even let you discover new music while you drive.


Installing a powerful subwoofer in your car can be even more enjoyable. Listening to songs with heavy bass can make the whole vehicle shake, making for a fun ride! With good sound quality, you might even want to spend more time in your car just for the speakers.


Stickers And Decals

Adding some custom stickers to your bumper or decals to your windows can add a lot of personality to your vehicle. There are stickers and decals available for all kinds of interests. You can show off your support for your favourite sports team. You can show your fandom for certain movies or TV shows. You can add as many as you want, but overdoing it can look a little tacky.


This is a customisation that can suit all personality types, as there’s so many available to suit different people. There are many shops, both physical and online, which specialise in selling decals and stickers. You can even get them customised to say whatever you want, so the options are endless!

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