Does Surgical Hair Restoration Really Work?

If you suffer from thinning or receding hair, you might not think there is much that can be done. After all, this is just how your hair grows, and there is no magic formula to change things. That’s true; there is no magic formula. However, this cosmetic procedure can offer some spectacular results and give you the hair you have been wanting (or restore the hair you used to have). This procedure is surgical hair restoration, otherwise known as a hair transplant, and for some people, it could be the ideal solution to this confidence-knocking problem.

The question is, of course, does it work? It’s a surgical procedure, so you don’t want to go into it lightly, and it’s wise to understand the ins and outs before you commit to anything. No one wants to spend money on something only to find it doesn’t do what it’s meant to do, and when it comes to surgery, that is an even more crucial consideration. Read on to learn more on hair transplants so you can determine whether it’s the right step for you to take.


What Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Although it might sound complicated, the truth is that the basis of surgical hair restoration is simply for a surgeon to use a local anesthetic to take hair from one part of the body (usually the back of the hair) and graft it to the scalp or wherever the hair needs to be replaced.

There is more to it than that, but the above is the simple version of what happens. It’s essential to find a professional clinic, such as, to have this procedure carried out, as it is very involved and requires an expert for the best results.


How Permanent Is Surgical Hair Restoration?

One question that many people will have before they agree to surgical hair restoration is whether it is permanent or not. You wouldn’t want to go through the procedure only to find that the results don’t last, and you have to do it all again.

It’s crucial to be aware that we will all experience thinning hair as we get older. This is true of men and women, and it’s true whether you have had a hair transplant or not. So, in general terms, a hair transplant won’t be permanent because of the natural ageing process.

However, if you ignore this natural element and consider the hair transplant itself, the answer is that the results are permanent. This is thanks to the donor’s hair being taken from an area with good hair growth; there is plenty of the hormone DHT in it – lack of DHT causes hair loss.

When the hair follicles are moved from this healthy area to the thinning area, the DHT will move, too, helping you achieve more growth and fullness. To get an even better look, once your scalp has healed, you can use specialist shampoos and conditioners to boost the appearance and keep your hair healthy.

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