How to Plan Your Autumnal Wardrobe

Autumn has arrived and with it comes much cooler temperatures, longer nights and less predictable weather. There are certainly many enjoyable things about autumn, but it is the biggest change when it comes to seasons so people need to be prepared when it comes to their wardrobe. While the weather may not be as nice as summer, it is a great season in terms of fashion and there are a few key items that you will need.

Statement Coat

With the drop in temperature, coats and jackets play an important role especially for those frosty mornings and autumn nights out. A statement coat is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe as this will get a lot of usage and it is a great way to turn heads and show off your personal sense of style. Of course, it also needs to be practical and warm especially if you will be returning to the office.

Comfortable Trousers

Autumn is a time to switch to trousers and these can work whether you are working from home, in the office, doing the grocery shopping or socialising with friends. You will want to find comfortable women’s trousers which can be both be dressed up and down so that you can get good usage out of them throughout autumn and beyond.

Cashmere Jumper

Autumn is also a season for cosy jumpers and you certainly cannot go wrong with cashmere which will keep you warm, looks fantastic and is lovely to touch. Cashmere may be expensive, but it is worth the cost and will last you for years to come and always be a garment which attracts attention and can be worn in any setting.


A blazer is a practical item which can actually be worn in any season but will certainly come in useful during autumn as it can provide a layer of warmth but is easy to take off (layering is ideal for autumn). Blazers also look smart so they are good for the office but can also be dressed down and worn with a more casual outfit.


You also need a good pair of sturdy boots for autumn and winter. Autumn can bring difficult conditions, so having a good pair of boots can make walking around much easier and comfortable, plus they can also be used to elevate any outfit and show off your personal style.

Autumn is a great season for fashion but you also need to think practically and the above are a few key items that will help you to look your best and be well-prepared for autumn leading into winter.

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