How to Prepare Your Car for the Colder Seasons

When the autumn and winter seasons arrive, cars can suffer greatly. Whether you’ve got a dated vehicle or a quality second hand car, all vehicles experience the same recurring issues.  Said issues are both bothersome and dangerous, and unfortunately there’s no quick, one-time fix for it all. It’s an on-going battle until winter ends. However, the problems caused by the cold weather are at best preventable and at worst, minimised. Consequently, you should build your awareness on how to prepare your car for dealing with the colder seasons.


Winter Servicing

It can seem unnerving to feel entirely responsible for your car, especially when the weather conditions are dangerous for large portions of the season. Perhaps you don’t know everything there is to know about cars, or you suspect a fault in some area of your vehicle that you can’t quite pinpoint and verify. In the end, dangerous driving conditions on top of these concerns is a recipe for disaster.

Still, there’s room for expert guidance if you’re not feeling fully confident in your car’s capabilities. You can get your some winter servicing, testing your vehicle for suitability on the winter roads. Pass it onto the professionals and they’ll check that your car is road-ready for the winter months, putting it through careful examinations and testing before handing it back to you.


Tyre Check

Before you go anywhere in your car during winter time, it’s important to check your tyres. The colder temperatures mean that your tyres will certainly deflate at a quicker rate, so a quick press with your finger and a pump-up every so often will keep them in a strong, sturdy condition. Don’t lose diligence here, as flat tyres are critical for road safety for you and others, even when it’s not winter too!

You can invest in winter tyres for that extra bit of safety, but in the end, everything should still be checked for absolute certainty. The colder seasons bring unpredictable and dangerous weather with them, and your wheels will feel the brunt of that impact more than any other area of your car. Keep them fresh and buffed up for the struggle, and you’ll be that little bit safer.



Ice Scraper and Heated Windscreens

You should never use a vehicle if your view is obscured.  Even a partial lack of vision can lead to accidents, so it’s important that your visibility is always crisp and clear when driving. Of course, when it’s cold overnight, thin and sticky layers of ice can cling to the windows and be difficult to remove. Still, there’s are tech and tools for the job!

There should always be an ice scraper inside your car. This is no instrument to sit in a garage or shed, as it could be needed at any time during transit. Whether your car windows have been covered in ice through the night or while your car has been parked at work, you’ll need your ice scraper on an almost daily basis. Additionally, if your car is fancy enough you may have heated window and rear screens, so activate those when it gets difficult to see. 

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