Interior Design through the ages: what style influenced each decade?

For as long as we can remember, different time capsules in history have hugely influenced popular trends, particularly in fashion, hairstyles, and makeup. But it isn’t just clothing that these emblematic eras affected, they’ve also inspired British homes for decades. In this article, we transport ourselves back in time to take a glimpse at some of the most iconic interior design trends over the years.


1920s – Art Deco

The roaring ‘20s brought us the art deco aesthetic – one which we still see weaved through countless homes to this day. This trend oozes timeless glamour and features many decadent pieces of furniture such as matte-gold metalwork such as on large round mirrors or statement coffee tables. Opulent textures were combined with rich tones, such as velvet teal sofas and dark navy walls. Lavish, printed wallpapers were also heavily featured during this era. If you want to recreate some of these trends, you can find plenty of 1920s inspired pieces in featured furniture stores around the UK.


1950s – Scandinavian

The ‘50s introduced us to our first glimpse of Scandinavian style, which is arguably still one of the most popular interior design trends still sweeping our homes today. The point of the Scandi aesthetic has a muted palette perfectly balancing neutral tones. Think light and airy whites, creams and beiges layered on top of one another to create a clean and calming aesthetic. Due to the lack of contrast in the typical Scandi colour palette, textured fabrics, such as sheepskin chairs, are heavily relied on to create depth and dimension.


1970s – Psychedelic

The arrival of the ‘70s brought us bold colours combinations such as bright oranges with olive greens, mustard yellows, shocking pinks and crimson reds. If you layer all these colours together you immediately achieve a groovy ‘70s feel. This era was also all about psychedelic wall prints and interesting shapes – all tied together with an injection of natural wooden textures, such as asymmetric coffee tables or rattan-basket light shades, to cut through the intense colour-clashing that is so easily identifiable as the typical ‘70s style.


2022 – Interior Trend Predictions

We expect to finally see a shift, with clean-cut minimalism and neutral tones to be spliced with a splash of brighter colours such as pale blues, sage greens, and sunny yellow hues to bring richness to our rooms. Alongside this, with a global focus on sustainability, we can expect many homes to include repurposed and upholstered furniture within their homes, giving a more bespoke feel with one-of-a-kind centrepieces. You can source incredible pieces at second-hand furniture stores, or for something extra special, discover exquisite antiques at local auctions near you.





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