The importance of materials for great architecture

Architecture is defined by the design and modelling of the structure. Architectural beauty is found not only in the aesthetics but in the foundations that support a given structure and for which the construction materials are an essential element for the architecture of a building to really take shape.

In its deepest sense architecture represents the science and art of modelling space with mass. Its evolutionary path also passes through the evolution of the materials or the way in which they are used for the construction of new structures.

There are many variables to consider when designing a structure such as the properties of the materials, the surfaces and the necessary treatments, the colour of the structure, the full and empty spaces, the proportion between the objects, the arrangement of the internal and external spaces, etc.

In its apparent three-dimensional realm of width, height and depth, architecture successfully applies the fourth dimension: time, of fundamental importance in fact is the study of the resistance of the materials used, as well as the analysis of the effects that atmospheric agents will have on materials through the years.


Stainless steel in modern architecture

Over time, construction science has introduced stainless steel, precisely because of its resistance characteristics, as the main element for reinforcing structures, acting as the skeleton of the building. Its uses in construction are varied; think for example of the stainless steel profiles that have found great application both in the construction industry and in the furniture sector.

The reason is simple: stainless steel offers excellent physical and mechanical resistance and, through processes such as mirror polishing or satin finishing, make it a glamorous element to insert.

There are many famous examples of the use of stainless steel in modern architecture, such as the Japan Convention Centre, Makuhari Messe, built in 1989 right by the sea in Chiba; the pillars of the Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong in 2009 with steel supplied by an Italian company. Or again, in Italy the scientific and technological Park of Marghera, winner among other things of the EU Steel Design Awards 2015 as the best steel structure.

Improve the architecture to improve your life

Architecture achieves its primary purpose with the implementation of the functionality of all elements and aspects of the structure in order to improve life. This goal is most achieved when the synergy between man and structure is part of the perfect coexistence with the environment – then with a keen eye to the eco-sustainability. This synergy is achieved with the use of materials that meet the needs of versatility and resistance.

As mentioned above, among these we can certainly include stainless steel, a quality material also used for refined design finishes. It is no coincidence that in the 1930s New York was used for the construction of what is still considered one of the most famous early uses of stainless steel in construction, namely the skyscraper known as the “Chrysler Building”. Its roof covered with AISI 302 steel sheets in almost a century of history has only been cleaned three times and all three times it was found in excellent conditions.

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