10 Magical Northern Lights Time-Lapses

Ever since being spellbound by the Northern Lights from a flight back from Canada to London, I’ve been fascinated by the Aurora Borealis. The first thing I really wanted to know was why they are named Aurora Borealis? I found out that they are actually named after the Roman goddess of dawn.

My next question was why on earth do they occur? It’s when highly charged electrons from the solar wind collide with different atmospheric elements in the ring surrounding the North Pole.

My third question and one that most people want to know is – where is the best place to see the Northern Lights? Lets start by taking space out the equation 🙂 The Northern Lights work in an eleven year cycle which we’re currently in a phase of high activity in 2016 after last year’s ‘solar maximum’. There are a number of places that you have the best chances of seeing the Northern lights are the 5 best places are as follows:

1. Svalbard, Norway
2. Kakslauttanen, Finland
3. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
4. Reykjavik, Iceland
5. Northern Canada

Back to some amazing time lapse videos of the beautiful Northern Lights. Enjoy these magical time lapses of nature at its most beautiful:

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