Study Reveals Brits Dream Homes

As cool things go, owning an amazing home is right up there with the coolest things money can buy. In this article we look at what Brits want it their own dream home thanks to a recent study from secured loan and mortgages broker Ocean Finance.

Swimming Pool

More people in Britain dream of adding an indoor swimming pool to their home than any other feature. The study from Ocean Finance revealed that over a third of British people (that’s more than 18 million!) would install an indoor pool if they could. I’m pretty sure this swimming pool is from a hotel in St Lucia, but it’s so cool that we just had to feature it.


The list of dream home additions is fascinating, and while there are some expensive fantasy items, many are more affordable. En-suite bathrooms were a close second to indoor swimming pools, and were chosen by 17 million of us – no doubt influenced by the fact that they tend to add value to a property, as well as being convenient. A garden building like a home with conservatory insulations or a summer house was the third most popular choice,

nominated by nearly a third of respondents. Interestingly though, only a quarter of people (13 million) opted for a bigger garden to put it in! In fact, more people wanted a large closet than a large garden, with walk-in wardrobes a popular choice with 27% of people

I’d have thought a luxury tree house in the garden would have been up there with top choices! Or is that just me!

Sporty Choices

Sports fans made their presence felt lower down the list. Only one in 100 people wanted to add a football pitch to their property, and the same number went for a practice golf hole. Tennis was more popular than football and golf, with 5% of people (3 million) opting to put in a court.

Proving that our homes are indeed our castles, 2% of Brits said they’d add a moat if they could! Somewhat more realistic choices included a sit-on lawnmower (4%), while 5% of people said they’d just be happy with a shed.

But for those that want a moat around their house, how about this castle style residence, complete with a huge beautiful surrounding moat in Florida. This amazing house is by of renowned architect Charles Sieger.


Indoors, popular dream home additions included a wine cellar, chosen by one in ten respondents, while 12% said they’d add a bar. Other property fantasies included a library (13%), a games room (16%) and a cinema room (17%). An adventurous 8% of respondents opted to install a sauna.

The results of the survey showed a definite gender gap in some areas; for example, more than a third (37%) of those who dreamed of a walk-in wardrobe were women, while only 12% were men.


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