The Part That We All Miss – The CBD Flower

CBD is nothing new, it has been around for many years, but not everyone knew about it until recently where it became insanely popular, mainly due to the popularised debate on whether it should be legalised or not. People have been fighting for this for a long time and some countries have now legalised it and are using it for medicinal purposes. Of course, the recreational use will always continue either in homes or public facilities. This is something that will take some further looking into by all the relevant responsible government institutions and corresponding public bodies. For now, our job is to educate the public in any way we possibly and safely can which is what this article will do. We’re looking into the one part of the entire structure of the plant, that is often missed by a lot of users and under-rated in terms of its uses.


The CBD Flower

The flower part of CBD (cannabis), comes from the hemp plant itself. the plant can either be a hemp plant or a marijuana one, one has a lower THC level than the other, namely the hemp plant, which is also the preferred choice of many reputable manufacturers. When purchasing it, make sure the THC level is below 0.3%, which is the legal grade, and also such low levels do not make you high either. So if you want to know does budpop get you high, be sure to check THC percentage which actually decides it.

There are two grades of the hemp flower available on the market. Namely premium and biomass CBD flower. The flowers are typically the ‘buds’ that are picked from the plant itself and confined separately from the rest of the plants i.e. the stem and the leaf.

These flowers are high in CBD and low in their THC content, so they cannot make you high, dizzy or nauseous. These contain the highest rating of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, that are used to make various by-products and either ingested, smoked or applied topically.

How to Tell Hemp Plant from Marijuana?

Since the Farm Bill was passed just recently in 2018 making hemp legal to grow in some states in America, it has gained more and more attention. This does however come with restrictions because it is a controlled substance as well, and one of these restrictions is that hemp farmers are allowed to grow this ‘new’ product under strict guidelines and protections.

In any case, unlike marijuana, which has the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound in it, hemp is not psychoactive and contains a very minimal amount of THC. It can sometimes hard to figure out which is which because the two are not the same.

Hemp has the tinniest bit of THC in it which means it cannot get you high. Marijuana on the other hand, when smoked, does give you a high. Hemp has been used for more common uses such as to make fibre and wearables, paper, building materials and furniture mainly because it has been dubbed as one of the strongest fibres. In fact, in history, the first American flag was made out of it.

For hemp growers, the flowers are not as important as the other parts of the plant, i.e. the leaves and stem. The flowers of the marijuana plant are less defined than its predecessor. In any case, its chemical and technical structure is not as visible on the outside as it is on the inside with differences between the female versus the male hemp plants and a little something about the internal structure, called a Trichome.

The information about this simple, yet magnificent plant species can sometimes be confusing, however if done well, your homework will pay off, especially when it comes to purchasing the right high-quality type of products, and not the ones that have artificial additives and toxins in them. A good start is to research online with searches such as ‘where to buy CBD oil’.

While marijuana is more appealing to some, with its contribution towards a feeling of being highly-relaxed, hemp, on the other hand is the other end of the spectrum that many consumers opt for because they can handle it better and use it every day within limits for personal use or to treat one of the many conditions it has been seen to treat.



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