What to Bring in Your Medicine Kit When Travelling Amid COVID 19

Although we are still amid a global pandemic, some countries have already eased restrictions and allowed limited movement for travellers. And if you’re planning to travel for business or personal reasons, taking the necessary health precautions is critical. Apart from following the basic guidelines in keeping you safe from the virus, it would be best if you also prepared some essentials such as a first-aid and medicine kit. Preparation is vital because you can’t predict possible flight delays and extended layovers caused by different regulations that apply in the country you are travelling. Here’s our guide to travel essentials for health and safety during the pandemic.


Coronavirus safety checklist for travellers

The first thing you need to prepare is a pack containing all safety essentials to protect you from the virus. Paramedics recommend always to have an extra stock of the following items:

  • Face masks. Bring several extra pairs of face masks that will protect you from the virus. Make sure that these masks cover your nose and mouth. Please keep them in a sanitised pack to prevent contamination.

  • Antibacterial sanitisers and wipes. Travelling means you can’t avoid going into public spaces where viruses and bacteria abound. Before touching any surface, make sure to wipe it first or disinfect your hands right after. If you can, wash your hands as frequently as possible to prevent infection.
  • Portable thermometer. Regardless of how many precautions you take, you’re still at risk of contracting it while travelling. Monitoring your health should come as second nature to you. Having a thermometer handy will help you check if you have a fever, one of the main symptoms of COVID 19.

In addition to keeping your hands clean and sanitised, you also need to disinfect your personal belonging such as your Smartphone, digital gadgets and credit cards for example.


Travel medicine kit

When you’re travelling abroad, don’t assume that you’ll get the same convenient access to medication. Apart from COVID 19, it would help if you also protect yourself from common ailments. Make sure to buy antibiotics online before you travel if you contract an infection while in a different country. The same also applies to any prescription drugs you may be taking for current health conditions.

If you’re worried about getting checked at immigration, have your pill bottles filled for up to one month only. Make sure that the bottles are clearly labelled, and bring your doctor’s prescription as proof. In addition to prescription medication and antibiotics, make sure that your travel medicine kit also has the following:

  • Fever medication
  • Anti-allergy medicine
  • Medicine for stomach pain and diarrhoea
  • Wound cream, bandages, and plasters
  • Antiseptic for minor cuts
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Insect repellent
  • Burn ointment

Don’t remove the label on any medication you’re bringing. Also, make sure to have them packed in an easy-open bag that’s preferably waterproof.

Indeed, travelling during a pandemic has many challenges. Taking all the necessary precautions to protect yourself will reduce your risk of contracting the disease. Additionally, making sure that you have stocked up on first-aid essentials will give you more peace of mind during transit.


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