Who Do You Call to Check a Damp Problem?

If there’s any issue you shouldn’t overlook in the household, it’s the presence of damp. While it’s easy to just paint over it and call it a day, if you don’t make the effort to fix the bigger issue, you’ll be dealing with damp for a long time to come. Most London homeowners don’t even know they have damp in their houses. At the same time, most folks have no idea who to call before things get serious. If you fall under any or even both of these categories, here’s what you need to know:


How Do You Know You’ve Got A Damp Problem?

Firstly, before seeking solutions, you have to be sure that damp does exist in your home. So, how can you tell when you’ve got a damp problem? Here are the obvious signs of damp penetration:

  • Presence of a musty odour
  • Dark colourations on the wall
  • Presence of condensation on walls, windows, and floors
  • Dark patches and dried-up water stain
  • Rotting boards

These, amongst many more, are the common signals that prompt immediate attention to a damp problem. Another question is, who do you call when this happens? The simple answer is a damp proof specialist.


What Does the Damp Specialist Offer?

There’s a reason everyone calls them damp specialists and it all comes down to the level of skill they possess. This level of experience is useful in a lot of ways to combat damps as well as prevent any future infiltration.

There are many answers to the “What does a damp specialist do?” query. So, if you need one, here’s a list of what to expect from a damp specialist.

1. Thorough Inspection of the Household

Firstly, a damp surveyor will provide a more thorough inspection of the house to identify potential causes of damp. This includes a check for leaks and ingresses. At the same time, the inspection involves identifying the different areas in the home where the damp occurs. This they do through their knowledge of the effects of damp.

2. Provision Of Effective Solutions

It’s not enough to just go, “There’s a damp in the living room and kitchen”. The real task is providing a means of treating the damp and restoring the damaged walls. For instance, the damp specialists are well-versed in installing a damp-proof course. That will ensure that the walls of the building are safe from moisture penetration.

3. Evaluate The State Of A Home

If you’re looking to buy a home and you’re skeptical about the level of damp-proofing the building has, you can always contact a damp specialist. Together with the damp surveyors, the damp specialist checks the home for damp and resulting damage. That way, you can discern if the home is a good fit.


How Do You Locate The Nearest Damp Specialist?

You’ve seen what they do; the next step is to answer the common query – “How do I locate the damp proof specialists near me?” all you need to do is ask around for recommendations and search for reputable companies with licenses and certifications.

Wrapping Up

Damp proofing and treatment are never easy, so it’s important to seek professional assistance from a specialist before taking any step. They act as your guide and possess the tools and expertise needed to cure your Damp problem for good.


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