Your Guide To Avoiding Fashion Disasters In The Workplace

In the past, it wasn’t too difficult to dress for work. If you worked in an office, you choose a well-fitting suit and off you went. If you worked in industry, you work a practical coverall or shirt and jeans and you were good to go. These days, nothing is quite that simple. There has been an overhaul of workplace dress codes over the last few years, and now, companies all have their own regulations and rules regarding what can and can’t be worn to work. While some organisations stick rigidly to their formal suits and ties, others have opted for a casual approach. So, how do you know what to put on when you get up in the morning?

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid to steer clear of a workplace fashion disaster, and some fixes that you can easily put in place to mitigate the damage!

Don’t Pair A Gym Bag With A Suit

If you work in an office where suits are required, never pair yours with a gym bag. Yes, you may need to carry your items to the workplace and a briefcase may be too restrictive and formal, but a backpack is a much better idea as long as it is made from a premium fabric, is a muted colour and has a contemporary and stylish shape. Leather is always a good choice, especially in blue, brown or black.


Wearing Poor Quality Clothing

If you work in an industrial or commercial workplace, your clothing will need to not only look good, it’ll need to be practical and hard-wearing too. There’s no point in choosing a shirt or pants which is difficult to move in, which doesn’t offer you protection when you need it, and which will wear out really quickly. Buy your industrial workwear from a specialist supplier that designs appropriate clothing that has been created with your industry in mind. For example, you can go directly to to find premium chef’s attire which is perfect for use in the catering sector and which will keep you looking good without compromising on practicality.


Dressing Down Too Far

You may have a workplace dress code of business casual, but that certainly doesn’t mean you should turn up in flip-flops, ripped jeans and a t-shirt! It’s still important to look professional at work and to create the right impression even when you’re in a business casual office. Balance is key. If you’re wearing a pair of jeans, wear a smarter shirt. If you’re wearing a polo shirt, you can pair it with tailored pants for a well-balanced look.


Don’t Forget To Press

If you turn up to work in a creased shirt you don’t just look sloppy, you look unprofessional. Wrinkles aren’t a good look on anyone and it’ll spoil the rest of your outfit. Buy a good quality iron and make sure you use it to get rid of those wrinkles before you leave the house.


Follow these guidelines and you’ll avoid some of the worst fashion disasters that many people make in the workplace. It’s always vital to create a good impression when you go to work, so take heed of these top tips and you’ll be in the clear!

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