10 cool team building days in the UK

Despite some doubts regarding their effectiveness, team building activities are still very popular with companies of all sizes and industries in the UK. Taking colleagues out of their usual environments and allowing them to develop their relationships, leadership skills and problem solving is rewarding for everyone involved.

If you’re stuck for ideas on your next team building day then here are 10 team building days to give you some inspiration.

4×4 Off-Road Driving Experience 

Off-road and 4×4 challenges like those offered by Virgin Experience Days allow teams to a drive state-of-the-art 4×4 up challenging slops and then down the other side. The experience allows teams to integrate with one another with different challenges, such as blindfold driving and off-road tennis.

4×4 Off-Road Driving Experience

Blindfold Driving

Blindfold driving plays out pretty much as you think it would: Each participant take it in turns to try and drive a 4×4 vehicle round a course that has been set out with traffic cones. All you have to do is drive the car round the course without touching the cones. It sounds easy doesn’t it? Trouble is that you are blindfolded and out of your comfort zone. While you are driving, you have to rely on your team members to navigate you round the course!


Treasure Hunts 

Treasure hunts are a popular teambuilding choice. They allow colleagues to work together towards an end goal, facing challenges together along the way. And there’s a range of different treasure hunts to choose from: the ‘GPS City Explorer Treasure Hunt’ the ‘Tablet Treasure Hunt’, and several themed treasure hunts. They are available at many locations around the UK.

GPS City Explorer Treasure Hunt

Cupcake challenge 

Cupcakes are very popular these days, and it’s easy to see their appeal. Cupcake challenge offers a hands-on Generation Game-style day, where teams can be creative as well as competitive. Each team will get to make their own cupcakes, getting judged at each step on their taste and presentation skills.


Chocolate workshop 

This delectable chocolate workshop is taught by a trained chocolatier. Throughout the course, employees will get to sample a cocoa bean and learn about its history, learn how to create four recipes and leave with personalised, handmade chocolates.


Ice Carving

Another hands-on challenge, this ice carving challenge offers something a little outside the box. Employees can even carve their ice sculpture into their company logo. This event is also available anywhere in the UK.

ice carving challenge

Quintessentially English 

For something a bit different, this Quintessentially English course is the perfect way to relax in the English countryside. Not all team building days have to be faced-paced activities – this is a brilliant way to keep everyone entertained but not leave them completely exhausted.



It doesn’t get much more hands-on than a raft-building course. This one involves building a raft from barrels, planks and rope, followed by a race to see if the raft lasts to see the teams to the finish line.



Some of the best team building days are the ones that allow you to do things you couldn’t do in everyday life. This filmmaking course offers exactly that. Teams produce a five-minute film or a 30 second TV advert, which involves writing a storyboard, planning production, writing a script and performing live in front of a camera. The day is rounded off with a screening of productions and an awards ceremony.


Giant Marble Run 

The marble run course involves teams creating a marble run to get the marble to run for 20 seconds. The task will involve problem-solving, co-operation, planning skills and project management. Requires patience and a steady hand!


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