Cool and Bizarre X Ray Pictures

A collection of both cool, bizarre and disturbing X ray pictures. The idea of seeing inside the human body is strange enough, without seeing some the weird things that get inside these bodies! Some of the pictures in this story may disturb to some people.

Bizarre ER! Weird X-ray photographs

Chen Liu, who was also known as Anthony, had 30 nails gunned into his head. His body was found in Sydney. Mr Liu was bound with electrical wires and an extension cord and then rolled in a domestic rug with the ends neatly tucked in, which was then tied with three pieces of wire.

“In 36 years of investigation, I’ve never come across a murder of this nature using a nail gun. May I say it’s a particularly brutal and vicious murder and we are seeking information from the public so we can bring this inquiry to a conclusion,” the head of the homicide squad, Geoff Beresford, said.

The rest of these X Ray pictures below do not end in death like this one, although some of them you just wonder how did they survive!


Steel Balls X Ray
An X-ray shows steel balls and magnets inside of 8-year-old Haley Lents, after the Huntingburg, Ind. child swallowed the pieces from a magnetic toy set on May 8, 2008.

The child required emergency surgery and was hospitalised for 2 weeks.


Fork X Ray
Doctor Nikola shows a fork, which was removed from an Israeli woman who swallowed it while trying to catch a bug that flew in to her mouth.

Doctors at Poriah Hospital in northern Israel performed emergency surgery and removed the fork in 2003.


Knife X Ray
Police have released shocking X-ray images of a 16-year-old with a knife lodged in his head after a stabbing in London to serve as a warning about the dangers of the epidemic of knife crime that is sweeping Britain. Amazingly he survived!

Pepsi Bottle X Ray
This man, who was 60 years old, reportedly required removal of the Pepsi bottle after armed thieves assaulted him with it before robbing him of his two buffalos…ummm?

Mobile Phone X Ray
Another bizarre x ray picture here with a mobile phone (or cell phone if you prefer!) lodged in a Salvadoran prisoner’s lower intestine.

Scissors X Ray
Kong Lin, 27, of eastern China laughed so forcefully that he swallowed a 4-inch long pair of scissors he was using as a toothpick…Ouch!

Engagement Ring X Ray
Simon Hooper wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but didn’t want to pay for a ring. So he visited a jeweller in Dorchester, England. While the jeweller was distracted, Hooper swallowed a platinum ring! Hooper was arrested and x-rayed, but police had to wait for three days for the “evidence” to emerge.

The jeweler says the recovered ring draws interest, but people don’t want to buy it because they know where it’s been!

Bullet in Head X Ray
77-year-old Jin Guangying suffered from lifelong headaches when she was finally x-rayed at Shuyang Leniency Hospital in China. Doctors were stunned to find a bullet in her head!

Jin remembered she had been shot during the Japanese invasion in 1943, but had only used herbal treatments for the wound at the time.

Pencil X Ray
59-year-old Margaret Wegner had a brain scan in Berlin to find the source of her constant headaches. It was a pencil!

She had tripped and embedded the pencil in her skull when she was four years old! The bigger part of the pencil was finally removed, but a smaller part was left, as delicate nerves had grown over the 2cm piece.

Needles X Ray
31-year-old Luo Cuifen went to a hospital in China complaining of blood in her urine. X-rays showed that she had 26 needles embedded in her body, affecting her lungs, kidneys, brain, and other organs.

Doctors believe the needles were inserted when Luo was an infant by grandparents who were disappointed that she was born a girl. A hospital spokesman said that her grandparents possibly embedded the needles under her skin to kill her so that a baby boy might take her place. In many parts of China, baby boys are still heavily favored over girls because they are bound by tradition to support their parents in their old age, and because they carry on the family name.

16 Inch Arrow X Ray
An X-ray of an 11-year-old Chinese schoolboy’s skull shows a 16-inch arrow, which narrowly missed Liu Cheong’s brain. Cheong, a sharpshooter, was practicing with a friend, teachers at the school reportedly believe, when he was hit by the arrow.

Doctors removed the arrow, but Cheong still faces the risk of infection, while his teammate is being treated for shock.

Car Keys X Ray

An X-ray of Nicholas Holderman, a 17-month-year-old Kentucky tot, shows how a set of car keys penetrated his brain after he fell on them.

The keys miraculously avoided damaging his eyesight and have been surgically removed.

Nail Gun X Ray
Six nails embedded in the skull of construction worker Isidro Mejia, 39, after an industrial incident caused a nail gun to shoot nails into his head and brain on April 19, 2004.

Five of the six nails, shown above in an X-ray from Providence Holy Cross Hospital, were removed in surgery that day and the sixth was removed from his face on April 23, after the swelling went down.

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