10 Reasons Why Paris Is a Cool Place to Study

These days, studying abroad isn’t something only a select few decide to do. Every year, thousands more students from all over the world travel to all manner of weird and wonderful places, in pursuit of premier education. Nevertheless, there will always be destinations that outrank others as ideal candidates – Paris being a prime example. So if you are considering studying overseas, here’s a brief overview of 10 reasons why Paris really could be the place for you:


Paris as a whole is considered to be a cutting-edge city in a variety of ways. From fashion to science to architecture to art, the rest of the world often looks to Paris as a leader in innovation.




For those with an interest in art in particular, there is perhaps no more incredible place to study in the world than Paris. In terms of history and inspirational art alone, Paris is unlike anywhere else in the world.




Of course, there’s also much to be said for the unparalleled beauty of Paris in general. Enjoyment in education is as much about your surroundings as it is about your chosen course and institution. Studying in surroundings as beautiful as those of Paris really does take some beating.




First of all, Paris is home to some of the most outstanding and world-renowned higher education facilities in the world. One of which being the International School of Paris, which is ideally suited to international students looking to gain the highest quality education.



Paris should also top the table for those looking to study somewhere that celebrates the world’s most wonderful cuisine like it is a religion in its own right. The dining culture of Paris is entirely unique and wonderfully immersive.




In terms of entertainment, you could spend your whole life checking out what’s on offer in Paris and barely even scratching the surface. Suffice to say, running out of available options while studying simply isn’t going to happen.



With such a booming international tourist trade, part-time job opportunities for international students abound. So whether it’s to make a little extra money or gain essential industry experience, chances are you will have no trouble landing a job while studying



There’s something both unique and inexplicable about the general atmosphere about Paris. The ambience is rich, almost intoxicating and has a vibrancy to it that guarantees to keep you energised and motivated at all times.



Rural Retreats

Should you ever get tired of the city which is unlikely – you don’t have to travel far outside Paris to gain access to some of the country’s most incredible countryside and rural retreats. You’re also only ever an enjoyable train ride from France’s beautiful northern coast.



Last but not least, Paris is a spectacularly multicultural city that brings together people from pretty much every ethnicity and background on earth. Needless to say, such diversity can be just the kind of thing that makes studying not only more enjoyable, but also exponentially more rewarding.


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