6 of the best ways to stick to a summer detox

It can be frustrating to get to June and wonder why your body is not detoxifying as quickly as you expected it to. But do not lose hope. Here are 6 means of sticking to your detox to gain the figure you have always dreamed of.


1. Water is your best friend

Not only is water the perfect means of keeping your skin soft, glowing and fresh, but it provides several benefits for your weight and detox. By indulging in water-based beverages, including fruit flavoured water brands, you can help your kidneys flush out any toxins and keep your body hydrated.


2. Workout as much as you can

While a boot camp can provide the support, facilities and environment needed for a sweat detox, do not be afraid to ask a friend to go for a run.

But if you do wish to try out a harder exercise regime, be sure not to overwork your body and remain fully hydrated. An unhealthy body will not detox as quickly if it is tired and lacking in essential nutrients.

3. Declutter the Junk

Indulging in junk food can provide some brief moments of mental happiness, but it will not be of any benefit to your insides. Cut down on the snacking and feel your body liberate itself of sugars and fats. Asking a friend to join you in cutting away your sugary pleasures may also aid you to stick to your detox plans.


4. Liquid Diets

You may want to try out a creative approach to detoxing your body. Smoothies are fun to make and can create a creative alternative to a fat dominated diet. Liquid diets can be easily secured by blending in different foods with low-fat yoghurts and fruity contents. Try to gain a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients from products like vegetables, fruit, nuts and, for the more experimental sorts, plant like products, such as seaweed.



5. Spice things up

With spices like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric, your body will increase its natural satiation point. Consider either adding them to your healthy meals or even to your fruit smoothies. When combined with gentle exercise and healthy diet, your body will be detoxing in no time. Try adding these combinations with specific fruits, such as nutmeg with apple, cumin with cucumber, or even turmeric with mango.


6. Try some Charcoal

A brand new method of detoxing, charcoal brand powder can be found in any supplement store and can neutralise any toxins or poisons before they can either harm the body, be absorbed or become fat. Combine it with lemon juice, and you can even create some lovely black lemonade for you and your friends. There is more chance of succeeding at a task if it is done with friends in a group. Try and turn this into a garden party or a fun picnic to be enjoyed with your closest, and most health conscious, colleagues.



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