Activities you and your class should take part in this summer

If you’re a school teacher then summer time is the perfect time to get your class outside and active.  We’ve complied a list to give you some inspiration for activities for you and your class this summer.


Learn about nature

Summer is the perfect time to give your class hands-on experience while learning about insects, animals and plants.  This does not require a trip out but can take place on your school grounds, on the field for example.  The children can learn about different life cycles and habitats while actually observing them.  This could be anything from ladybirds and woodlice to caterpillars and frogs.


Grow your own flowers or vegetables

As well as observing habitats you could even create some of your own.  Together with the children you could create a home for bees, worms or hedgehogs.  Children could even grow their own flowers or vegetables, learning how to take care of them and the about the best conditions for growth.  This gives children some responsibility as well as teaching them to be patient while working towards an end goal.


Conduct outdoor science experiments

Bring science lessons alive by taking them outside.  This could be anything from creating your own bubbles to making a sun dial.  You could even build a solar oven out of tin foil and an empty pizza box and make s’mores.  Taking your lessons outside are a great way to bring science alive, making learning fun and exciting.


Visit a farm

If it is possible to take children on a school trip, visiting a farm is a great hands-on experience for children.  This day out will teach them about growing their own food and living off the land, learning about exactly where their food comes from.  They will also learn how to care for farm animals, understanding their different diets and environments they live in.  They will also learn about health and safety, and the trip increase their understanding of nature.



Create a scavenger hunt

This can be conducted on the school playground and field and encourages team work as well as testing map reading skills and logic.  To ensure they are learning while on the hunt, you could include clues such as find a piece of rubbish or find something you can recycle, teaching children about the importance of properly disposing of waste.  The clues can be adapted for different ages to teach younger children about shapes, for example and to test the logic of older students.

These are just a few examples of summer actives for you and your class.  These can be just as informative and rewarding as indoor lessons, while allowing children to explore the great outdoors.  If you are considering teaching as a career, get in touch with your local recruitment agency, such as Simply Education, to start your journey.


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