Tips to help you look high fashion on a budget

Are you an avid follower of all the latest fashion trends but your bank account is struggling to keep up?  You’ll be very pleased to hear that a high fashion look doesn’t have to come with a high fashion price tag.  It is possible to recreate one of your favourite looks on a budget and no one will be any the wiser.


Try discount stores

There are a whole range of stores that sell designer brands for a lot cheaper than their original retailing price.  You will have to riffle through a lot of rails, but if you are prepared to search, your hard work will pay off and you will find a few gems.


Look out for big sales

To achieve your dream look on a budget you need to be prepared to play the waiting game.  Keep an eye out for any big sales coming up.  Black Friday for example is offered by a whole range of stores and in recent years has expanded from one day to a whole week of sales, online and in store.


Plan, plan, plan

Buying clothes well in advance is one great way to save money.  Buying holiday clothes at the end of the summer when they are on sale, ready for the next summer, will save you a lot of money.


Small amendments

Making small amendments to cheaper clothes can help give them the high fashion look you are after.  Replacing plastic buttons on a blazer, for example, can make it look more expensive.  You could also see a tailor, which costs slightly more in the short term, but a better fit can look more expensive and you’ll wear better fitting clothes for longer.


Focus on staple items

Ensuing your wardrobe is kitted out with a few staple items is essential.  A good blazer or jacket can transform an outfit and a good pair of smart trousers will give you a professional, smart look ensuring your clothes look high fashion.


Keep it simple

Keeping certain items simple and plain ensures you won’t be found out.  For example, buy a bag with little detail or embellishment as this looks smart and classy, and it is often these details than can make an item look cheaper.  Make sure you know what works as faux suede shoes often look more more high fashion than faux leather, which could be a give away!



If you can’t afford to update your whole wardrobe to achieve the look you desire, focus on accessorising.  This is a cheaper alternative and they can make or break an outfit!  They are versatile, will last a few seasons and cheaper alternatives will be easy to find.


Be open minded

The most important thing to remember is to be open minded and try something new.  Charity shops often have a bad reputation but if you find the right one you could find designer items for a big discount.  They will be second hand, but you might just find a little gem that looks brand new.


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