How to Make a Big Statement in a Small Room

There are always some rooms in the home that get all the attention. For example, families spend a lot of time decorating the living room and improving the style of main bedrooms. After all, these are spaces that you use every day.

Often, this means that smaller rooms in the house get neglected. But, a lot of families are spending more time at home now and want to make use of every room in their home. Indeed, this means that you may be looking to transform a smaller room and allow it to enjoy a bigger part in your home life. Here are some ways you can make a big statement in a small room.


Have a Feature Wall

One of the best ways to make a statement in any room is to have a statement wall. This is on-trend right now and everyone is having fun creating their own statement wall. For example, wallpaper is coming back and this can work perfectly to bring colour or a pattern to a small room. A feature wall brings interest and immediately captures attention. In particular, choosing certain patterns can even make a room appear larger than it is. For example, stripes can be good for this using wallpaper or wall panels as well as wooden plank designs.


Pinpoint Accessories

Let’s not forget that the accessories you choose to have on display in a small room can make a big difference. For example, you can choose statement lampshades, which are going to add a lot of interest to a room. Plants and candles can also add some interest and really make colours in the room pop. You can have some fun and play around with the accessories you have on show in a small room. Just make sure that you do not have too many. After all, you do not want the room to look cluttered. This can make it appear smaller and cramped with a lot of stuff.


Feature Some Mirrors

Would you like your smaller room to appear bigger? Well, one popular way to do this is by using mirrors around the room. This is a great way to reflect light and make a space appear larger than it really is. For example, choosing long and to-the-ceiling mirrors is a fantastic way to add height to a room. What’s more, there is such a huge range of mirrors available now that you can choose one that makes a statement. Mirrors can now become a centrepiece in a room thanks to all of the different shapes, styles and even colours.


Choose a Rug

Do not forget that you have the floor space to utilise in a small room. In particular, you can choose a rug to add some interest and make a statement. This is going to work well if you have a lot of one-tone furniture and need a splash of colour. What’s more, a rug is going to feel nice underneath your feet, bringing warmth and a welcoming vibe to the room.


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