Five Next-Level Home Improvement Projects to Consider This Spring

Spring cleaning is all well and good, but the results rarely last. It’s one thing to give your home a quick dust and tidy, but how about taking things a step further this spring season?

Now really is the perfect time to start planning something special for the bright and sunny days to come. So if you’re serious about breathing new life into your home this spring, here are five next-level ideas for the ultimate home makeover:


  1. Aggressively Declutter

First up, simply throwing away a few old newspapers and chipped plates doesn’t count as decluttering. Instead, true decluttering means getting rid of everything you neither want nor need. As a general rule of thumb, anything you haven’t used, seen or thought about within the past 12 months is something you can probably live without. Sell it, recycle it, give it away, donate it to charity – just get it out of your home and quit wasting precious space!


  1. A Splash of Colour

The spring is a great time for treating your interiors to a new lick of paint. But instead of going for the usual whites, greys and subtle hues, why not step up to something a little bolder? It’s worth remembering that if you’re not happy with the result, you can always paint over it. Hence, you can confidently experiment to your heart’s content and bring a beautifully bright burst of colour into your home.


  1. A New Set of Stairs

From mezzanine beds to loft conversions to raised platforms of all shapes and sizes, it simply makes sense to make full use of the space you have available. The installation of a permanent set of stairs often transforms the way you view and use your home. Check out the latest designs in steel spiral stairs and kite winder stairs for a taste of what’s available. Easy to install and immensely practical, it’s a complete property transformation at a surprisingly affordable price.


  1. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

By this, we don’t simply mean sticking one or two generic potted plants about the place. Instead, we mean lavishing your floors, your surfaces and your walls with as many gorgeous planters and decorative plants as you can squeeze in.  Not to mention, any you care to hang from the ceiling. Plants bring colour, life and fresh air into the home, making a real difference to your enjoyment of its interior spaces. Perhaps set your sights on something a little exotic, rather than the usual bargain buys.


  1. Plan a Patio

Last but not least, it won’t be long before you’re compelled (like everyone else) to soak up every scrap of sunshine while it lasts. A simple patio holds the key to unforgettable evenings outdoors with friends and family. Laying a basic patio can be surprisingly simple and comprehensively affordable. It’s also an enjoyable project to tackle during a free weekend – even better if you can get the kids involved! Whatever time and effort you invest in planning your patio, it’ll pay dividends come the height of summer!





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