The rise of the micro wedding and is it set to stay?

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You may have heard ‘micro weddings’ being used a lot during the past year. What exactly are they, and why have they become so popular? We decided it was time to explore the world of micro weddings. You can find out exactly what they entail, why are so many couples deciding to have one, and whether or not they’re likely to stay so popular going forward.


What is a micro wedding?

We may as well start by telling you what a micro wedding actually is. As the name suggests, it’s a small wedding. It involves 20 or less guests. Being smaller in size means it’s usually cheaper, more relaxed, and shorter than a traditional wedding day.

It’s different from an elopement, which is usually done in secret and only involves the bride, groom and their witnesses. Nor is it a small wedding, as this usually entails 30 – 60 guests. A micro wedding is very much its own style of event.


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Why are they so popular?

The pandemic, and all the restrictions and changes that came with, spurred on the popularity of micro weddings. Couples were only allowed a certain number of guests so had to plan accordingly. Deputy Editor of Hitched, Helen Pye, said, “It can be a real opportunity to create a romantic, intimate and unforgettable day.” She explained that while cutting down a guest list could seem like a disaster, couples should take advantage of a smaller wedding by splashing out on things they weren’t able to before. For instance, finding that perfect wedding ring or choosing a luxurious caterer.


Going forwards

However, micro weddings won’t disappear when social restrictions are lifted. Micro weddings have been growing in popularity since before Covid-19. As mentioned above, they allow couples more financial freedom. Not only this, but they also can be free from the usual wedding traditions. They don’t have to worry about inviting the whole extended family or finding a venue to fit everyone. A micro wedding allows a couple to get creative with their day and make it uniquely their own. Just because it’s not a big event, doesn’t make it any less special.


Stress free

Another reason why it’s likely that micro weddings will continue to grow in popularity is the fact they are much less stressful to plan. With a smaller guest list and much more flexibility, a micro wedding requires much less admin.

Pye offered her micro wedding tips. She explained the importance of atmosphere and creating a cosy, intimate event. With a smaller guest list, the couple has more control over the day.


Micro weddings have become increasingly popular over the past year, but due to all the benefits they bring, they’re likely going to be around in the long term. What are your thoughts on micro weddings?


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