10 Mobile Side Business Ideas You Can Operate from a Van

With a deluge of goods and services and consumers with disposable income and time constraints who are looking for the more convenient option with top value, it is wise to consider mobile side business as it is bound to yield amazing returns. You don’t have to bother about the logistics of running an office, you can conveniently run any of these lucrative businesses from a van. Be sure to seek expert advice and study the best ways to package a bestselling business. Here are 10 ideas you can operate from a van.


  1. Mobile photo studio

    With the rush of selfies and the whole planet turning into one giant photo studio, a mobile studio is one of the greatest ideas. Not only can you shoot and print on the street, you could venture into event photography.


  2. Mobile makeup artist

    With many more people who are always picture ready- thanks to social media, with a mobile make up studio, you could reach clients in a snap and quietly make quick cash.


  3. Food vendor

    Who doesn’t eat or love good food? The only challenge in this kind of business is making a choice of what kind of food service to venture into. The reach is limitless and this is one business that could easily expand. Who knows? The business could soon turn into multiple and then you may well be advertising this franchise for sale.


  4. Mobile auto mechanic

    Most times, vehicles give no warning before issues arise. No need to hide your skills anymore, pack your tools and brand your van.

    car-repair-362150_960_720Here’s five more mobile business ideas…


5. Mobile masseuse

Clients will run you over if you know how to rub down those kinks in the muscles. Stock up on the scented candles and massage oils and you are in business.


6. Ice cream truck

While people want to cool off on a hot day, some people just crave the cold desert. From soft serve to pre-packaged ice cream with an array of flavours. This is a potential hit.


7. Packing/unpacking van

Moving and packing is one business which has easy to handle logistics. All you need is to be more careful and have extra muscles.


8. Mobile decorator

Whether it be interiors or event locations, this business is in high demand all year round and gives you the opportunity to meet more potential clients.


9. House cleaning

The potential clients for this line of business are as varied as the number of houses there are. Whether you are busy parents or that lone occupant, everyone needs the services of a good house cleaner.


10. Courier services

What better use for a van than delivering parcels which makes for a tidy profit.


This is an opportunity to get paid for doing those things you love, and at your convenience. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step so take that step today and get expert advice.


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