Why Your Company Should Start Using Videocasting as a Marketing Tool

Most people take current technology for granted. After all, the ability to call anyone, anywhere, at any time without additional costs was only developed in recent years. But if you’re a savvy businessperson, you know that you can take this technology one step further in terms of profits. These days, many brands have begun turning to video-casting in order to advertise their products and services to consumers. But why is that, exactly? What are the benefits to using this technology as a marketing tool in today’s digital age? Well, wonder no more, dear reader, and keep reading to find out the pros to video-casting from a marketing perspective.


You Can Reach a Wider Audience Globally

In the old days of marketing, you had to choose wisely when it came to your marketing channels. You had to figure out which medium your target market would be most likely to look at: television, magazines, or radio. Getting an advertising spot back in the day cost a huge amount of money that many start-ups just could not afford. Live events were even costlier, since that meant booking a prime time slot on popular shows. The thing with these types of marketing strategies, however, was that they were sorely limited and depended heavily on geographic location. If you wanted to market to somebody in another continent, you’d have to jump through so many hoops just to earn a spot. Even then, there was a high chance that your target market might even miss your announcement. However, with videocasting, your audience doesn’t even have to live in the same timezone as you. All they have to do is boot up the web conferencing app and log in from wherever they desire. They can even attend your event from any device of their choice, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop computer, or even a laptop.


You Can Save a Lot of Time and Money

According to Chron, the costs of business travel are nothing to sneeze at, even if you’re holding a one-time conference. Even just a few days of hopping from one country to another can cost you thousands of dollars. Factor in your transportation expenses, your board and lodging, and your food allowance, and your budget can quickly spiral out of control. That’s just for one trip! Most people wind up having to take multiple trips a year. If your company sends out multiple people to these meetings on a regular basis, you could be sending a ton of money down the drain. Instead, why not invest in a large scale videocasting solution like BlueJeans to save your people the effort? There are no hotel rooms to reserve and no overpriced venues to book. All you’ve got to do is start a conference and send out invites to everybody who may want to attend.


You Can Engage More People with Interactive Videocasting

You may be wondering why you should go the extra mile with an interactive videocast instead of simply recording a high-quality video and posting it online. While videos do have a lot of value in today’s marketing landscape, interactive video provides the audiences with a way to engage with you in real time. Because advertising has become so commonplace, many consumers feel like no company is genuinely caring about their needs any more. But if you allow yourself an easy way for your audience to interact with you, they get to see a more human side of you beyond the brand name or logo. You can let them ask you all sorts of questions that concern them about your offering, all while giving them an actual human face to connect with your brand. By allowing your audience to see your facial expressions and body language, this medium allows you to form a more intimate bond with them, according to Mashable. This will lead to better memorability, and may even result in new, loyal consumers.


Take Advantage of Interactive Videocasting Now!

Though it may cost your company a pretty penny in the beginning, all of these marketing benefits will make your investment pay off relatively quickly. What more if you start thinking of other creative ways to make sure of your videocasting solution within your business operations? Keep an eye out for all sorts of ways you could integrate web conference systems into your daily work day, and you’ll be surprised just how much more productive and profitable your business will become.

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