How to create a monochrome interior

Trends for what’s hot and what’s not in the interior design world change all the time and the latest must-have looks are far different today from what they were just two years ago. Many households like to change the way their décor looks every season by doing a spot of redecorating and this can include doing jobs such as repainting and buying new furniture. Decorating a home is a timely process that has big rewards and the easiest thing to do is establish what theme you want to run through each room before you get started. Do you want the entire property to have the same décor or do you want each room to look different from the one next to it? Most people will choose to have one solid flowing theme run throughout their home and one of the more modern concepts is using a simple monochrome look. This can include everything from bed covers and cushions through to curtains and sofas, and one thing that should never be forgotten is how you decorate the walls.


A monochrome look is easy to achieve in a bedroom. Start off with white bedroom furniture and then add bed covers that are in both light and dark colours – this should include everything from the duvet and the pillow cases to the throw cushions. Lampshades are a noticeable feature in a bedroom, so ensure these adhere to the same colour structure and even the bedside tables can become part of your monochrome theme.

Living Room

A living room is one of those rooms that we spend a lot of time in, either to relax and watch television after a hard day at the office or as a place to sit and chat with visitors. Walls offer a nice open space to work on and they are easy to decorate with everything from wallpaper to specialist wall murals.
A living room wall can feature a nice mural that can act as the main centrepiece of the room and if you want to run with a monochrome look, then you should also make sure your decorative cushions on the sofa follow the same colour scheme as well as any other wall-mounted pictures.


Bathrooms are easy to decorate with monochrome colour patterns – simply buy towels that follow the colour scheme. Hand towels, bath towels, robes, foot towels and even the flannels should be part of a set and you can even use a few light and dark hued tiles to add to the overall look (by the way, if you are looking for the tiling service, you can hire these builders in Essex). Another important thing to think about is the colour of the curtains and this applies to every room in the house, as they will play a huge role in the overall appearance of a property especially when they are drawn.
Art deco styled properties often use a monochrome theme throughout, with lots of mirrors and stylised images used as decoration pieces such as black and white framed photos. You can use flowers to decorate a room and these can even be part of the same simplistic colour scheme and details such as the colour of the vases that you use to showcase your flowers should also be thought about.


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