How to organise your time and your life

In our day-to-day life we all have commitments that we are accountable for. We’re surrounded by duties and responsibilities that must be met. Everyone is responsible for themselves, their family, their work or school and friends. Commitments are not necessarily visible, much less conscious. These commitments make us shift our focus and can even make us absent-minded or less productive.

Juggling responsibilities is quite hectic hence the need to clarify and prioritise them individually, depending on the level of importance and the impact they have in our lives. Without order, we fail to stay true to our commitments. Time is valuable and as we’re all aware, time lost can never be recovered. However you can learn how to organise your time wisely to avoid time wastage. As they say, time is money. Poor time management is costly, especially mentally. Research shows that it can cause amnesia, stress and discontent. There are many time management courses available that will help you get the right balance.


Importance of time and life management

To learn how to manage your time and life wisely, you must first understand the importance and benefits that arise due to correct management. You also need the motivation to push for change. Old habits die hard but with consistency and self-belief, nothing can be too difficult. Some of the importances include:

Improved self-discipline

Help to avoid procrastination, guaranteeing goals attainment

Improved productivity

Better self-care ensures you improve your work quality and decision-making skills

Enough rest

Improved management helps in with productivity

Stress reduction

Time management is a stress reliever

Healthy relationships

You allow time for family and friends, as well as new connections that bring forth new opportunities. That said, here are recommendations on how you can organise your time and life.

Confront your fears

We are all afraid of failing but remember, it is through trial and error that we rise and become much stronger. No success story begins without some fear. Experts can help you identify your fears and help to tackle them individually. Fear will cloud your future judgment, but confronting your fears, frees you from stress and anxiety whilst enabling you to make clear decisions.

Adapt to healthy habits and create a routine

Developing good habits and maintaining a certain routine will enable you to organise your time wisely. It only gets better from there if you are disciplined enough to adhere to those habits and the routine. You want to ensure that you plan your time well, allocating enough time for each activity. Ensure you get just the right amount of sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and most importantly, setting a boundary that separates your work time and the time you need for friends and family. It is important to note that your habits are a great reflection of the kind of person you wish to be.

Be a great planner

Planning has never gone wrong. If the plan is reasonable and not over-ambitious, be sure that you will be capable of organising your time. All you need is a calendar of events, a to-do list and a task manager. You could opt for an app that will assist you to plan digitally. You should set some time aside before your week begins to plan the week ahead. Planning will make you more focused on what really matters. Our time management course will enable you to become an excellent planner.

Get some balance

As you strive to maintain a perfect life by ensuring you are organised and focused on what is important, you may become overwhelmed. To avoid this, ensure you create some balance in everything you are invested in, to avoid overdoing something whilst neglecting another. Remember to take breaks so that you can recharge and gain some motivation.

Track your progress over time

What really counts is the progress that you manage to make. It does not matter whether your goals were big or small. Tracking your progress will enable you to be aware of what is working for you and what should be eliminated. Ensure you abide by your set objectives so that you can regularly review and track your progress. We highly recommend exploring and trying out new methods if some don’t seem to be working out for you. If anything, this breaks the monotonous cycle.

These are just some of the great tips that we recommend to organise your time and lead a motivated life with minimal stress.

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