What E-Liquids Can Offer You: The Science Behind The Juice

Whilst you may use your vape every day, you may not actually know what’s inside the juices that you put inside. Fortunately, they are mainly made of natural chemicals you can find in food and medicine across the globe. With that said, here is some more information on the science behind the juice.


How It Works

The science behind vapes and their liquid are quite simple really. Most vapes are made of three parts, the battery, the coil and the tank.

When you add the e-liquid into the tank, it will start to soak up the coil. From there, once you heat up the device via the battery, the liquid will burn up, turning it into a vapour.

It’s a simple process. Think of the way you boil water, when water is boiled it evaporates into a vapour substance too, this is no different.

Most e-liquids will have the same basic ingredients inside of them, apart from the flavourings themselves. Such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). Most will also have nicotine, with various different strengths too, as well as flood flavourings.

Of course, PG and VG are fit for human consumption and have been used within the food industry for a number of years, alongside medicines too. PG is mainly used for helping carry the flavour, whereas VG is more focused of producing the vapour.

You can get e-liquids of different ratios for PG and VG, offering different benefits, such as 50/50 or 70/30, to get the mix between flavour and vapour right for you.


Flavour Examples

There are so many unique e-liquid flavours available in a range of different strengths and types. If you’re looking for something that has a more classic cigarette feel, then you can get tobacco and menthol flavours.

What most people go for after a while when vaping, is a more sweet or fruity feel. But beginners will usually start with what the know.

Consider trying something different if you haven’t already, such as a rhubarb mixed with raspberry and orange, for example.

You can even get doughnut flavoured liquids, if you are wanting to go for a more dessert type of flavour to enjoy. Other dessert liquids include custard, sugar and jam.

To browse e-liquids online, you should go to a highly reputable seller with experience, such as The Vape Shop. They offer their liquids in nicotine strengths ranging from 0-20mg, alongside some multi-buy deals. The good news is that if you spend over £30, you will get your delivery for free.


The Future Of E-Liquids

Modern vape devices are extremely good at holding in the flavour via increased wattages and battery powers. Over the next few years, we’ll most likely see more powerful batteries enter the industry, allowing for stronger vapour use.

In terms of the e-liquids themselves, you can be sure that more unique flavours will enter the market, in different strengths and blends. In the last few years, we’ve seen e-liquids enter the market blended with two flavours.

In the next few years, you could expect to see more flavours being mixed together, probably in ways you wouldn’t expect. Indeed, already there are some strange liquids out there.


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