Cool Star Wars Things Money Can Buy

There’s so many cool Star Wars things you can buy and here we showcase some of favourites we’ve come across in 2013.

Frozen Han Solo Carbonite Desk

During the renovations of his lair, Jabba the Hutt’s favourite decoration was converted from a lovely wall ornament to a fully functional desk. Made from metal and fiberglass, this incredibly detailed concept desk is a must have collector’s item for Star Wars fans.


Find out more about how to get a Han Solo desk like this from Tom Spina Designs

Han Solo Frozen Door Decal

Continuing with the Han Solo frozen in carbonite theme with this simple but very cool door decal.
This iconic moment of Star Wars history is easily removed and re-positionable without requiring any tools and without doing any damage to your door.


This Han Solo door sticker is available from Amazon.

Death Star Wall Tiles

A must for any DIY geek, these Death Star wall tiles are the business. Channel your inner Imperial and redecorate your home with these Death Star wall tiles.

The tiles come expertly decorated to resemble the exterior of the Death Star and help create the illusion your home is part of planet destroying space station.

You can see the tiles in the following video showcasing a cool Star Wars inspired home theatre.

You can buy these Death Star tiles from Tom Spina Designs



Laser Lightsaber

Battle your fellow geeks like never before with these real laser powered lightsabers.

Powered using the same technology as the world’s most powerful laser, these intense lightsabers are the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a real lightsaber outside of a movie theatre.

Buy one from

Jedi Bath Robes

Nobody likes a smelly Jedi, so keep clean and dry yourself off after a nice cleansing shower with these Jedi Bath Robes. These Jedi Bath Robes are officially licensed Star Wars Bath Robes and come in a one size fits all…even Jabba himself could fit in this robe.


You can buy these Jedi bath robes online from the likes of Internet Gift Store, Amazon, Argos and to name a few.

Star Wars AT-AT Bunk Bed

This bunk bed’s original and awesome AT-AT frame makes this bed a no-brainer for any children’s or Star Wars aficionado’s room.


The bed was custom built and cannot find the source so you’d need to do some investigation work into buying one of these At-At bunk beds.


Star Wars Edition Monopoly

The optional Star Wars variation puts a galactic twist on the property trading action of the classic MONOPOLY game.

Move eight collectible, sculpted tokens based on characters from the movies around this incredible collector’s board.

This amazing edition is based on all six episodes! For 2 to 8 Players.

star-wars-monopoly Monopoly_Star_Wars_Episode_I_Tokens
The Star Wars Monopoly edition is available is many good toy stores and online from the likes of Hasbro or Amazon
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