Cool Gadgets To Boost Your Sport Routines

A lot of people don’t really feel the need to introduce technology to their exercise routine. After all, there are many out there who like to exercise in order to get away from all this technology! They’re sick of sitting around on their computers or smartphones. They’ve seen enough websites and YouTube videos for the day. They just want to get out there and get their blood pumping. Why introduce gadgets to the equation? But gadgets can definitely give your exercise routine a boost. Here are some great examples.


Underwater Music

underwater music goggles


Music is one of the greatest additions to exercise I can think of. There are certainly plenty of technophobes out there who still want to use an mp3 player when they’re going out for a run. It helps you keep motivated. It keeps things fun. It can give you that extra push if you decide to keep going until the end of the track. But swimmers aren’t too lucky in this regard. After all, your music device and earphones can’t exactly join you in the depths. Right? Well, there are now special goggles that allow you to listen to music as you exercise in the water called Finis Neptune. Cool! 


Robot Assistance


So you’ve tired out all your usual exercise buddies. Or maybe they’re just too busy to help you out. Or maybe you don’t even have any exercise buddies because everyone around you is a little lazy. But you need to train, and you need some help doing it. What are you to do? Well, you an actually get the assistance of a robot for several sports. Table tennis robots are one of the best examples. After all, sometimes practicing against a wall simply isn’t enough!


Smart Ball



The Internet of Things is pretty cool, right? That’s the technology that’s allowing everyday objects to connect to your devices. (Usually in order to record cool information!) It’s beginning to find itself in more and more objects all the time. Well, now you can get it in a soccer ball. You can get a “smart ball” that’s Bluetooth-enabled and works with an app on your smartphone. It’s a training device that allows you to follow certain tutorials, improve your strikes and spins, and record personal bests. An undeniably amazing idea for soccer enthusiasts.


Ultimate Exercise Bike

There are loads of people out there who are looking for a good exercise bike. Well, if you’re looking for one that will wow everyone around you, then look no further. You can get exercise bikes that are absolutely loaded with technology. There’s one that comes connected to a 21.5” HD touch screen and includes awesome WiFi capabilities. The screen can be used to record your progress and set yourself tasks. It can also be used for entertainment purposes if you’re feeling like the exercise itself is a little too boring for you.


Fitness bracelet

Okay, so maybe you’ve already heard of fitness bracelets such as FitBit and have dismissed them already. But seriously, these things can be so useful. They’re not only useful for recording exercise information. They can monitor your vitals throughout the day, which can help you get even more crucial info for tweaking your routine.


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