Garden Get-up-and-go: Keep Your Gardening Motivation in Winter

Even the most enthusiastic of gardeners can lose their drive when the first frost sets in. Although you enjoy being out in the fresh air, it’s tough to garden when it’s a bit nippy. You might not have much to do when the ground is hard, either. But just because it’s cold and dark, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to do some gardening. Staying motivated can be a little hard, but there are a few things that can keep you gardening through the winter. Keep your motivation up by trying some of these techniques to stay enthusiastic.


Get a Greenhouse

It can be hard to grow anything in the winter. Even if you have plants that can survive the frost, it’s either hard work or you barely need to do anything. One thing that can keep you excited about gardening is having a greenhouse. You can control the environment so you’re able to grow things more easily during the winter. Check out your nearest greenhouse supplier and find one that’s suitable for your garden. You might think you don’t have enough space for a greenhouse, but you don’t need a lot. A small greenhouse can fit into a smaller garden and be just as useful.


Garden Indoors

Gardeners tend to love being outside, but not everyone is enthusiastic about the cold. Cold air can cause problems for lots of people. It could exacerbate your arthritis or trigger your asthma. Or maybe you have poor circulation, and you struggle to garden with cold hands. Whatever puts you off going outside, gardening indoors could be your solution. You could set up a herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. You could set up some planters, or grow some potatoes in your basement. Even some houseplants can help to keep you occupied until it’s a bit warmer.



Use Your Weekends

During the winter, gardening around work can be hard. It’s dark when you leave in the mornings and dark again when you get home. You don’t want to get out and garden in the darkness. If you have anything to do outside, leaving it for the weekend is a good idea. It will be much easier for you to get outside during the daytime. So if you’re planning to go into the greenhouse or potter about in your shed, wait until it’s a little warmer and brighter. You’ll feel much happier if you can feel the sun on your face, even if it’s still cold.


Spend Winter Planning

There’s often not a lot you can do in the garden during the winter, which can get you down. But if you’re feeling demotivated, why not start planning for next year? It won’t be long before the weather starts to warm up again, but you’ve got plenty of time to prepare. You can start thinking about important tasks once the ground starts to soften. You can think about the new things you want to do and what you want to change when spring arrives.


Winter doesn’t have to mean an end to your gardening activities. Keep your spirits up by being inventive about staying occupied.

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