Ways to Transform Your Garden into a Garden of Eden

Want to turn your drab, dying garden into a garden of Eden? It’s easier than you might think! With a little time and effort, you can turn your backyard into a beautiful, relaxing haven. It doesn’t matter what your budget, there’s something you can do right now to enhance your garden. To help give you inspiration, below you’ll discover some of the best ways to transform your garden into a garden of Eden.


Choosing the best plants

No garden is complete without plants and flowers. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also smell delightful. In fact, the right flowers can help to indulge all of your senses. Moss can provide a textural element, providing an interesting touch. You could also plant fruits to indulge the taste sensation, and bamboo stems for the sound they make as the wind blows through them. It’s not easy choosing the right plants and flowers if you’re new to gardening. However, with a little research you’ll soon have the knowledge needed to create a beautiful, thriving garden.


Add a water feature

One thing that’s sure to make your garden more relaxing is a water feature. You can buy a huge range of water features, in a variety of styles and sizes. Whatever your budget, there’s a water feature to suit it. The sound of the water alone is very relaxing and adds a real natural element to the garden. You could even go as far as adding a pond into your garden if it’s big enough. Fill it with Koi carp fish and you have an incredible water feature to enjoy.


Consider an outdoor mirror

When choosing garden furniture, an outdoor mirror isn’t something you’d typically think of investing in. However, you’d be surprised how much a mirror can enhance your outdoor space. They can be used to make a smaller garden appear bigger, or simply add an interesting element to your garden’s design. Brands such as Cox & Cox offer a beautiful range of outdoor mirrors in an excellent choice of styles.



Take advantage of landscape services

Not everyone is blessed with green fingers. If you find gardening a chore or you’re just not very good at the design element of it, you could benefit from local landscape services. You can even go the extra mile and hire a pest control service for example, if you live in New Jersey, this pest control service may be a good fit for you

Landscape professionals are able to transform drab looking gardens into beautiful, tranquil haven. You’ll just need to give them some idea of what you’re looking to achieve, and they’ll work their magic to turn your dreams into reality. Of course, landscape services can be expensive so if you’re on a budget this may not be an option. If it is however, it’s definitely worth doing.


Overall, turning your garden into a garden of Eden may take some time and effort. However, the tips above will really help. The key is to research everything you can about garden design. Buy gardening books and magazines, or take a look online to get a little inspiration.



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